Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Badminton Training

This is going to be short because it's already almost 1am and i need to get up at 7 :( I just wanted to post now before i forget what i want to say.

Today i went to Keio's badminton team (this isn't a club i've just realised!) training session. And it's hardcore. Really hardcore. Well at least in terms of just fitness training. I was cramping about half way through - and i couldn't even keep up with the amount of footwork they do. What is bad though, is they don't have any game time (at today's session). It makes training a bit boring if you ask me :( It's good for Japanese practice i suppose - but at the moment communication is still a bit of a struggle. They all seemed pretty nice but the language barrier is a little bit of a problem.

I'm feeling a little bit down at the moment (although maybe it's just because it's late, i'm tired and i have school tomorrow). If you've ever really looked forward to something for a long time, you probably know what it's like when it doesn't quite live up to your expectations. Today's badminton session was a bit like that. Sigh now i'm not really sure if i want to fully play everyday (or every second day) like i was originally intending. Anyway, i shall sleep on it.


quebeck said...

Hmm if it's not a club but rather an actual uni team, it's probably not going to be as social as you'd like it to be. Does the uni have an actual badminton club, like in the sense we have down in melb? What about other uni's?

Btw mee goreng packet noodles and 1/2 can of tuna is really good, turns a snack into a meal. Something you might wanna try when you get more hungry than what a pack of noodles can provide.

hwangus said...

Hmm... So it's a team rather than a club, ey?!! Hmm... Badminton's pretty popular in Korea so if you want it as a social thing you could probably join your local club.. the only downside is that the local club members will consist of 55+ veterans.

You need to eat well age!! Esp. in a foreign country!

mELLy said...

hmm, don't worry Age, see how it goes. If u find u're really not getting much out of it, just have a break from it altogether; lol, why not try playing something different while u're there?! hehe, baseball maybe?? Or not...i dunno, r u sure they don't have certain sessions where u just have game time?

Hows uni goin btw? Still pretty boring?