Saturday, September 25, 2004


Sorry i haven't updated this thing for like ... two days ... but everything's been a bit hectic lately. I know that since i'm going to post again after this, nobody will look at this much so i won't write a lot.

I think that the worst feeling you can have when you wake up is when you look at the clock and you realise that you've slept in. I always seem to get a fright when i'm sort of half-dozing in bed, and then finally manage to find the clock and have a look at it and realise the time. Most times though (maybe i'm just lucky) i seem to check the thing when there's still enough time to get ready if i rush. Today I wasn't so lucky.

What a way to start my Uni life here at Keio - my very first class EVER in Japan started at 9am. And i woke up at about 8:40. It takes about an hour to get to uni from Plume IS. I was supposed to wake up at 7 - and leave by 8 sigh. I somehow managed to get ready in about 30 seconds and catch the 8:53 train after running/walking to the station as fast as i could. I got to class at about 9:35 - which is probably some sort of record in terms of how quickly i got from Plume IS to the Mita campus.

Unfortunately, if you are more than 30 minutes late at Keio, you are marked as absent... So i managed to get my first absence today too! I think that gives me like one more chance to miss a class before i will start losing marks for attendance :( Class was rather boring - but at least the teacher seems nice enough. After lunch we had a chance to go around and sit in some classes to get a feel for what subjects we want to take while we're here (which i thought is very considerate of them - you don't just pick blindly like we do at Melb Uni). So a bit of that, and a bit of sitting around, and then i headed back home...

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