Sunday, September 26, 2004

Changing Sheets

I just changed my bed sheets here for the first time. I'm still not quite sure how the system works here, but i do know that they are going to be collecting sheets for washing this wednesday. Whether i'm meant to put out all 4 sets of my bed sheets or just the ones i need washed i don't know still...

Anyway I thought i'd just see how long it took to actually pull everything off my bed and put it back on - and from start to finish it took me about 40 minutes~! I'm not quite sure if that's because i don't know what i'm doing properly or if it's coz my head still feels a bit weird from last night. But it feels like ages!

Oh and a quick update on the weather here in Tokyo - it's suddenly decided to become a whole lot cooler in the last few days. It's been raining a fair bit and the temperature outside is pushing down into the teens now. I better get started on my homework. See u all.


mELLy said...

hiya age! Dad just wanted me to message u to say hi, and tell u we're all fine; lol, even Lady's not doing too bad =p. Dad was telling me all about his trip over dinner, I really feel like coming to visit! hehe, guess we'll see how things go. Neway, ttyl.

luv mel

quebeck said...

Geesh already doing homework, thats insane! 1.5 hours of work a day minimum? I thought jap students went crazy and didnt study at uni, I guess my definition of not studying is not the same as theirs.

Adrian said...

Apparently, according to Hiro, *normal* japanese uni students don't study. Us exchangees are a little bit different though haha. Usually they only study just before exams when they're first/second year. And even third year is a bit like that i think.

I guess it does depend a lot on the student too though hehe :)