Sunday, September 26, 2004

Food, Drinks and Karaoke

Last night i was meant to go out to dinner with a small group to some Izakaya (a japanese eating/drinking place) and have an early night. Somehow when we got there there was about two or three times as many people as we expected - and somehow we decided that we were going to 飲み放題 (nomihoudai - which means all you can drink). Luckily we did choose a place where it was all you can eat as well.

I met a couple of new people too. But unfortunately i can't remember the names of any of them except for Aya who is the Japanese girl in the picture below - the second from the left. She actually lived in Canberra for 4 years because her parents were diplomats, and at the time Catherine (girl on the left, who's also from Melb Uni) and her family were Aya's guardians.

This is outside the eating place in Shibuya (i think it was actually after we finished eating):

I've got lots of pix of all these people who i should know the names of, but i can't remember. I will have to ask somebody to help me name them all haha. The ones in the photo above i know except for one guy: starting from the left is Catherine, Aya, Kris (USA), the guy i don't know (studies in USA but from Korea), Kelly/Min-Kyung (studies in UK but from Korea), Ji-Hee (Korea).

The place we went to basically gave you an hour and a half where you can eat/drink all you like. They had skewers of stuff which you put some batter and breadcrumbs on, before deep-frying. You just order whatever drinks you like - there's quite a good range of stuff considering it is all you can drink. We ordered a lot. I think. Last night was definitely the most unhealthy night out in Tokyo i've had.

Because the place was a little bit cramped, and also because i was kind of sitting on the inside of one of the booths - i couldn't be bothered to get much food. Cooking it was a bit difficult too. I kept dropping the things off the skewers into the oil. The other booth had a number of close calls with splashing the oil on people from what i could hear - so i don't think they ended up eating much either. No food, and all you can drink alcohol is a bad combination.

Things only got better from there - because we decided that we should go to karaoke for the rest of the night. Originally we (well, the aussies: carol, catherine and i) were intending to have an early night and not stay out late. Anyway, half the group wanted clubbing so off they went, and the rest of us went to one of the many million karaoke places in Shibuya. It was all you could drink there as well. No food included though. I seriously don't know how, but this morning i looked at my camera and i managed to take like 150 photos during the night.

My justification i suppose is that i'm not going to go out (well i don't intend to go out) for a while so this was like a last splurge effort. I don't think i should do this too regularly though because 1) i still sort of feel like throwing up and 2) i'm going to run out of money real fast lol. I still can't wait until tuesday because there's badminton club training or something! So i shall try to get myself as involved with that as i can i think.

Anyway, i'll leave it there... I'll post up a couple more random shots in a minute.

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