Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'm in Japan!

This post is the first I’m making with my feet on Japanese soil (actually I’m lying on a bed in the hotel, but we’ll get to that shortly)! It’s about 1am here on Tuesday the 14th of September 2004. We (dad, grandma and me) arrived at Narita Airport at about 7pm after the 10 hour flight from Melbourne. We requested a wheelchair for my grandma and the airline crew have been really helpful in helping wheel her to and from the plane/terminal (on both ends of the flight). Grandma’s knee has been having some rather serious problems lately so she can’t walk for very long anymore L It’s going to be hard going if we ever get stuck in rush hour on the train.

Anyway, getting from the airport to the hotel was painless thanks to the shuttle bus services which basically give you door-to-door delivery between airport and accommodation. We’re staying at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (which is one of about 4 Prince Hotels sitting right next to each other in Shinagawa). The last time I was here, I stayed in the New Takanawa Prince Hotel which is about 50 metres up the road from this one. The layout of the rooms is almost identical, but this place seems to be a little bit smaller – but the upside is that it is closer to Shinagawa Eki (the main train station around here).

After arriving we went to eat a quick supper/dinner (even though we did get dinner on the plane…) at the local ‘family restaurant’. I forgot the name already, but I went there last time I was here too because it’s really close to the hotel. As usual the food that comes out looks almost exactly like what you see in the photos on the menu – which is a rather welcome change from what normally happens at fast food joints in Australia (don’t believe me? go order a Big Mac and tell me it looks even remotely as big as it does in the pictures). The other thing that’s good about this place is it’s open 24 hours. The prices are sort of like Pancake Parlour (after conversion) – I paid about ¥1500 for my meal which consisted of a salmon + green salad entrée, followed by a pork chop (a pork steak they call them here apparently) with some rice and miso soup. Actually it’s probably better value than Pancake Parlour come to think of it.

And that brings me to how I got to be lying on a bed in the hotel writing this post. I think I better get some rest so I can get up in the morning.


quebeck said...

WOO HOO! How's japan? see any Q yet? taken photos of Q yet? :D

btw you know we all have blogs now?
eric: http://gzusfreak.blogspot.com
me: http://quebeck.blogspot.com

I dunno where sams is though, and you know ez', oh, and there's another one, but ask ez about that ;)

Ez said...

wow you're already there! I would have thought you'd forgotten about the blog already! but wow... two posts in the space of a day or so, impressive.

Glad to hear you made it in one piece.

fee said...

Hey Age!!

its a really good idea keeping this blog. it acts as sorta a journal.. but just one that evERyonE can REaD! ha ha ha. be sure to put in all the personal stuff too :)
haha im sorry i didnt even get to say bye to you age! what a lousy friend huh! but i thought u were leaving at night, and i was going to atleast send a message before then, but .. yeah found out too late that u had already gone. we'll miss you heaps, well.. mel will miss you the most probably :)

you're gonna have the time of ur life up there, dont forget to take a million photos!