Monday, September 27, 2004

Karaoke Pictures!

Half of us at karaoke. I still don't know who the girl on the left is. The next guy's name i've forgotten, but his english is really good (he's Japanese). The girl next to me is Carol.

This is the other side of the karoke room - the dude on the left was really gone most of the night, Ji-Hee is in the middle and Min-Kyung (Kelly) is on the right

Fun and games. And alcohol.

I think it was starting to get late.

This is the last photo i took on the nite (or at least that somebody else took for me)... I don't know names so i'm not going to bother trying.


mELLy said...

lol, it's kinda funny how u still don't know the names of the ppl u hang around with Age; it's time to start learning them don't u think? hehe, guess u're probably not the only one... Keep the pictures coming though, it makes ur posts much more exciting =)

Adrian said...

Mel, see that's the thing... these people who were there that night i don't normally hang around with! Although i have found out that the Japanese dude's name is Ken, and that other japanese girl is probably his friend.