Thursday, September 30, 2004

KFC in Japan

My first KFC meal in Japan!

Marshall's KFC meal. Look at how small the chips are (that's a small chips i think though)

My burger. I forgot what it was called already - but it was some sort of chicken fillet thing (japanese
style one tho)

I had my first sleep in in a while today. Didn't have class this morning so i took the opportunity to lie in bed until about 10. I did stay up until at least 2am talking to the guys on Skype and icq though so it wasn't as long a sleep as i might have hoped for. Still, felt better than getting up at 7am.

I finally received my 'alien card' today too - so now i don't need to carry my passport around with me everywhere. I went to the Saiwaikuyakusho (Saiwai Ward Office) with Marshall, a dude from Washington state in the US, who needed to get a certificate of registered matters so that he could set up his bank account.

I swear the bus drivers around here all seem really grumpy. I think i pissed the guy off more today because i thought he didn't realise we wanted to get off, so i sort of said excuse me when we were stopped outside the school we were meant to get off at. But what i didn't realise was that the stop was actually after the traffic lights we were waiting at ... ahh well i don't think i'll be catching the bus there too often anyway. The people IN the ward office are really helpful and nice though which is good :)

After that i popped into uni to check out one of the economics classes that i can take (which is being taught in english). It was incredibly bad. The actual book we are using sounds interesting, but having a japanese lecturer teach in english i think is just asking for trouble. She spent most of the lesson saying the same thing over and over. Fingers crossed the class tomorrow is better - if so i'll take that one instead.

I had my first conversation in japanese over the phone today too - because my teacher for some reason called me to check if i was taking any english classes before. I think they've tried to call me once before, but i assumed it was a wrong number when i saw the missed call. Oh well. I have to go talk to them tomorrow, so maybe i'll ask if i can move into level 3 too... Altho apparently it's been quite difficult to do that because of the large number of ppl in that class already.

I cooked again tonight. I realised that you can actually buy chicken here relatively cheaply (about 100 yen for 200g of chicken breast fillet) - so i got some of that and tried cooking it in my pot. I didn't realise i should cut the fillet up until after i had the oil all hot and the thing smoking out my room so that was a bit of fun - especially since the only knife i have is closer to a butter knife than anything else.

It turned out okay, but i think if i do it again, i will try to make a better sauce for it... Mum/Dad/Mel if you read this, could you email me some sort of recipe if you have time :) ?? Hehehe thanx! In any case, tonight is the most full i think i've been for a while - because i actually bought myself a whole pack of sushi, in addition to the chicken and vegetables i cooked. AND i just ate a huge Japanese fuji apple too. So i think i'll sleep well tonight :)

Until next time.


nanshii said...

omg the chips are TINY...

kAgE said...

omg they call those chips?
ffs, do they have chicken salt? how much is meal? how much is chips? what about large?

Adrian said...

My meal cost me 577 yen.

The meal i had was regular size. You can 'size-up' the meal (i have no idea why they write it backwards to us... it's in katakana) for i think another 150 yen or something which gives you a large chips/large drink (up from small chips/regular drink).

As for the other stuff like salt, i don't know coz i didn't ask :)