Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My First Blog EVER

Okay peoples i finally got myself a blog to post all my random thoughts up on. I still don't get how they managed to simplify Web Log into blog. Why not Welog ... or Wog ... Hmm okay maybe blog does sound better.

The main point of this will be for everyone stuck back here in Australia to keep up to date with my adventures in the land of the rising sun (that's Japan if you weren't sure). Since i have this funny feeling that i might not get around to emailing each and every one of you every single day, drop by here to see what i've been up to if you're curious. I'll try my best to update this as often as i can. Promise.

Anyway i'm not going to post in here again until i actually arrive in Japan - so stay tuned. And for those of you who keep on forgetting when i'm leaving i'll be flying out on 13/09/04. That's 6 days away.

I think i better go pack.


kAgE said...

Well well well manzzzzzzzzz i'm sure Japan will be a nice time to relax and all hahah =p but yer hope you don't get used to the fact that they have 64mbit lines there and here it's only like pft 512 in any case make sure you take care of urself up there ahhaha dun eat too much jap style mi groeng hahah

Ez said...

Yeh you better actually write something when you get there! It'll save heaps of time instead of writing individual emails to everyone answering the same question over and over again!

Clare said... finally going to Japan!!!
Make sure you bring my pressie!!! I will check up on it when I visit you! Dun get fat or looking gay like most Jap guys!!!! = ) will miss ya!

hwangus said...

Although this is meant to be a time of celebration not time of sadness but I can't help feeling a bit sad for one of my best friends, albeit momentarily, leave to Japan. I suppose we can keep in touch using the internet, it is just not the same seeing you smile in person. Have a wonderful trip, watch the cars (according to Initial-D, all Jap drivers are like Soh), meet lots of chicks and when you do meet lots of chicks, please remember to use some protection. Obviously I have created a blog of my own here, so I'll be posting stuff too (which will mainly consist of string of failed attempts @ picking up chicks) so do check in sometimes. CYA AGE

kAgE said...

pft sif she'll miss u
pft sif we wont miss u more =p

quebeck said...





nanshii said...

yupz... dun forget to update this often okies? :)

kAgE said...

his blog idea didn't last long tsk tsk heeh