Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My first *proper* home cooked meal

Well, i couldn't think of anything ultra interesting that happened today. I've now met all the teachers that i'm going to have for the compulsory part of the level 2 japanese programme here at Keio. The classes so far have been relatively straight forward (cough boring) but i have this feeling that it will get harder. I'm still telling myself that i'm going to study myself to make sure i learn lots. I have been spending a bit more time than i would like on homework these days - considering how little i actually have to do it shouldn't be taking me an hour and a bit every night ... but it is. I guess my vocab is still a little bit limited so the dictionary checking of everything is slowing me down a fair bit.
I've decided that i'm going to take (in addition to the standard 2F programme) intermediate grammar (2 star version - i'll explain the stars in a sec); intermediate newspaper reading (2 stars); intermediate research/presentation (yet to decide no. of stars); and one english economics subject which should be on 2morrow or the day after... Basically in level 2 in the programme here there's 3 classes - B, F and G. B being the lowest, while F and G are meant to be 'accelerated'. I'm in F. When we choose electives there are a whole heap of subjects aimed at level 2 students - all of which start with 'intermediate-'. Within them though, there are often more than one so that they can match the subject to the students ability, where 1 star is easier, and 2 stars is a bit harder. I've been to quite a lot of different classes and the 1 star ones are a bit of an insult if you've been studying japanese for as long as me lol. In one of them we watched the one video clip about 5 times just to make sure we could hear some really fake-looking-japanese-actors say "yarimashouka" (shall i do it for you?)... So yeah that class is out :) I also tried going to one of the electives aimed at the level 3 students - 'advanced grammar (1 star)' ... it was hardcore. I think it would be a really good learning experience, but i'd have about a 50% chance of failing since i didn't understand any of the explanations that were given in class - all the explanations were given in japanese.

For any of you who might be curious, here's a sample:

手をこまねく → 1.何もしないで、事のなりゆきに任(まか)す。何かしたいのだが、どうにもならない、という場合もある。2.腕組みをする

A. ていた 
B. ようともしない
C. たくなかった
D. れなかった

That was about the only thing i actually managed to understand. After staring at it for the whole class lol. The thing is, if you don't get it, the teacher also explains in Japanese - which requires quite a lot more exposure to various expressions to make much sense of ... Oh and for those of you wondering the correct answer to the thing above is b. Congrats if you got it right :)

Anyway i don't think i'll take that class since there's a better suited grammar class to me... As some of you might have read, yesterday i went to the badminton club. I got an email from Takashi today thanking me for turning up and stuff hehe. I don't know if that's normal, but they seem really polite lol. Below are some various photos i took... And check out my cooking too (i have cooked here once before, but that wasn't a whole meal...) This one actually turned out quite nice ;)

Current song: Sore ga ai deshou (Isn't that love?) by Shimokawa Mikuni
(I just realised how much i miss listening to music ... it's nice just to be able to sit back and listen once in a while - no class tomorrow morning!)

Some of the team on court

The gymnastics people next to us.

Basketball on the right. The place is pretty huge!

My first proper home cooked meal. Itadakimasu~!

Up close and personal with the vegies.

The other stuff.

Gochisousamadeshita ~!


Dad said...

Age, you need some rice to go with all that nice stuff and where are your good chop sticks? Get yourself a rice cooker when you get to akihabara next ... btw, all that badminton training, if you can get used to it, will get you into the melb uni team .. easy! anyway, keep at it for a little while .. you may get used to it.

mum said...

Hi Age, wow! I'm impressed! The food looks good.Why is the omelet so yellow? It looks coloured, it's so unreal or are Japanese chickens fed differently? It's great to see you cooking for yourself, bec it's so important to eat well. Typical mum talk lol. Amah would be impressed too. Are u sleeping well and generally more settled? It's now your third week on your own. Have u worked out your bed sheets yet? Perhaps change them weekly or fortnightly and keep one spare. What about your washing machine? Worked out how to do a proper wash yet? What is your time table like so we can call u. Sometimes it's too late to call but perhaps u sleep late.We still keep very late hours. It's so gd to have dad home. But it's still only 3 of us now. It feels strange.Even Lady feels it.I m so glad we can keep in touch like this bec then u don't seem so far away. Last night we went to Chrysanthemum House restaurant in Doncaster with Alfred n Thai for the Authumn mooncake festival banquet dinner. As always Angela chose a wonderful menu n we all had a great night out. That's why we didn't call last night but we were thinking of u. Work is fine. Look after yourself Age, untill the next blog! Talk to u soon, love, mum

hwangus said...

OMG Age ↑ has so many questions you'd better answer them quick