Monday, September 13, 2004

On the plane

I’m writing this post on the plane – but I’m not sure when I’ll actually get access to the internet so it might not actually end up online until later. It’s now 10:17am (AEST) or 9:17am (Japan time) on Monday the 13th of September 2004. (edit: haha i can backdate the posts so the date still shows up right!)

I had about two hours sleep last night. Not actually feeling that tired yet though. I thought I was packed and ready to go at about 11, but I managed to find a few last minute things to do, as well as a few more odds and ends to throw in to my suitcase (thanks everyone for the Lonely Planet guide to Japan – I’m sure it’s going to come in extremely handy).

The ride to the airport was relatively smooth – and I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything major! (yeah I know… just wait a few days and you’ll see me complaining about my rather unreliable short term memory). I had a bit of time while I was having breakfast at the airport to read the card that everybody signed. It’s a really cute card – I’m gonna miss you all heaps. They’re showing Shrek 2 during the flight – so that’s going to kill a bit of time for me J. Anyway, I better stop wasting all the battery before we even get out of Victorian airspace hehehe.

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