Saturday, September 25, 2004

Opening Ceremony

Today was the opening ceremony for the 2004 fall semester for Keio exchange students. Everybody who is studying at Keio was meant to turn up - but at least a handful of students walked in so late they missed whole opening ceremony lol. The ceremony itself was quite short - basically the head of Keio (i think he's the head of keio) spoke to us a bit about Keio's founding father, and some other random Japanese people who'd been overseas to teach Japanese to foreigners. Keio i think (if i understood him properly) prides itself on it's international focus.

The more important part of the day was the course guidance. Basically we were all split into our allocated classes (determined by the placement test last week or the week) and given a rundown of the sort of things to expect. I'm in level 2F and by the looks of things it should be fairly okay. I'm starting to wonder if i should have tried a bit harder in the placement test. But knowing how things go, the beginning of every subject is a lot easier than the end - so i probably shouldn't get too confident just yet.

To get us all into the swing of things, we got about 3 booklets worth of homework (we do like a sheet a night for each subject or something) - and we haven't even had a real class yet. Tonight i just had to write a short essay + some kanji practice - but that still took me a good hour and a half to finish. Study groups are sounding better and better the more i think about it. So far i only know one other guy properly who's in my class though - so we will have to wait and see.

Of interest today though was our spur of the moment decision to go to Asakusa (and visit the temple there which i always forget the name of) after class. After beginning with a group of about 8 people, we somehow ended with only 4 of us who went. Plus one friendly nihonjin we met while we were sitting around. His name is Hiro and he's a 3rd year law student at Keio. He was 'studying' when we met him (actually he was having a cigarette break but he was meant to be studying) - and somehow we ended up bringing him along to Asakusa (to which he'd never been despite having lived in Tokyo his whole life). So we were kind of taking HIM around. Although i must say he still knew a lot more about everything than we did. Below is a picture of the main shrine thing (if it's even a shrine, it could be a temple and i wouldn't know the difference. i will have to look it up when i have some time).

The other good news i have is the badminton club have emailed me back, and there is training about 6 days a week ahha. It runs from tuesday to sunday - and it starts this coming week. I can't wait. Hopefully if nothing else, i can improve my badminton a whole lot while i'm here :)

I better leave it there for tonight. I have class tomorrow that starts at 9am~! Yeah that's right, we have class on saturdays here. While the teachers all tell us that it's 'normal' for Japanese students, Hiro was quite confident that in reality it isn't - but skipping class here isn't really an option, because once u miss about 3 you lose about 20% of ur total mark, and if u miss another couple u fail. So no late nights on friday for me :( I'll try to post a bit more tomorrow. Night all.

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Are you sure you didnt cop a saturday detention for being a naughty boy? ;)