Saturday, September 18, 2004

Orientation - Day Two

Today's orientation was really short. I think we were only there for about an hour and a bit. They just ran through stuff like 'how to get yourself a mobile phone' (which increasingly i'm beginning to realise is almost a necessity here in tokyo - they even tell you what the weather forecast is like !~).

After orientation i popped back over to the hotel to get my laptop so that i could post this :) Feels good to be back in touch with the rest of the world. Having internet access these days is almost like having a phone line - it feels like you're sort of cut off from everybody without it hehe. Anyway i plugged it in and tested Skype out - and it's all working well... My username on there is age_lim (real name is Adrian Lim) if you want to search me.

I just tried to use the picture post option for this - but i actually need to have webspace to be able to have pictures in this :(. Sigh oh well. I've been a bit lazy with the photo taking lately - i don't think i've really taken a shot of anything for a few days. Although on the other hand i probably haven't seen anything that i won't see a lot over the next 5 months either.

Tonight there's a welcome party at the dormitory which is good - because i'll get to meet some of the other ppl here a bit better ... This is going to be a short post because i think i pretty much exhausted everything i had to say in my post for yesterday hehe :)

Plus if i write too much nobody will be bothered to read my other one since this is newer hehehe. Anyway - time to see if i can find those other blogs to read :)

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mELLy said...

Hiya, I can at last say that i've read your blog- finally! Don't ask me why, but I kinda read it backwards so I guess it lost a bit of its appeal by the end, seeings as i already knew what was coming! My fault tho...neway, just a quick note to tell you I'll be making more of an effort in the coming weeks to keep up with your blog. Take care.

luv mel