Monday, September 27, 2004

Rain in Tokyo

Today, it rained. A lot. It was the first day that i've opened my window/door and thought i actually wanted to take a jumper with me when i went out.

I don't remember if i posted this, but after i lost my poor little blue umbrella somewhere in Roppongi i managed to get another folding one from the local convenience store for about 1000 yen. Which is not too bad. I was very thankful for it today - i would have been quite soaked without it.

I actually woke up on time this morning and got myself to the lounge downstairs in good time... so i walked to the station with a couple of other people from the dorm. Got to uni, went to class which was boring again (mmm i've had two classes and i'm bored ... well tomorrow we have a test already so maybe it'll get harder). Had lunch at the Keio Caf (they have a couple of different ones) and i tried some chicken thing which i can't actually say. I really wish my dictionary had more food words in it. After lunch we spent the rest of the day going to the different classes to see what was being offered. So far the interesting subjects look likely to be an intermediate newspaper reading class, a presentation/speaking class and possibly a composition/writing class. I really don't know what level i should be taking - because the recommended level subjects all seem really easy to me (well they're recommended for 2F which is the level i got put into... but i have this feeling that maybe i'm not in the right level). Anyway i'm sure that if i really want to, even if i take 'easy' subjects if i actually conscientiously put some effort into it i'll improve heaps just from having to hear and speak japanese all day. Plus there's heaps of vocab i don't know - it's only the grammar that i really already understand.

I went to an english class as well this afternoon, It sounded like it might be a fun class to take seeing as it seems to revolve around letting the regular Japanese students interact wif us foreigners (it was an intercultural communication subject - yeah there's lotsa girls in the class if anybody was wondering. cough). BUT i can sort of do that whenever i like without having to turn up to a class so i don't think i'll be taking that. I'm hoping to go to see some economics classes which i think will be quite interesting. I just have to hope that credit can be transferred back to Melbourne Uni if i take them.

I've started cooking a little bit too. Finally got myself some cooking oil and oyster sauce last night. I was dying to have some greens, so i got some vegies and fried them up in my trusty pot. The vegies came out ok. The pot didn't. I guess having non-stick ones is more useful than i thought. Anyway a bit of scrubbing and some hot water saw the pot almost back to normal. Tonight i went off and got more vegies just in case i got hungry (i also bought myself a bento box for dinner which was quite tasty).

I better stop it there for tonight, i need to study for my test (well, maybe learn some kanji or something shrugs... we learnt stuff that you do in year 8 japanese so it shouldn't be too terribly difficult) - but i also have a bit of homework to do.

I shall keep you all posted soon!


mELLy said...

Hehe, hope ur plan to take all the 'easy subjects' doesn't backfire too badly on u age...u're probably right tho, if u really wanna learn, u can do it in ur own time.

Good to see u're finally craving some nutritious vegies, hehe, maybe u should find urself a non-stick pot tho; nightly scrubbing could become a bit of a chore =p.

Carl said...

hey, Adrian,
just testing this whole thign out,
i signed up just so i coudl post here and it made me register my own blogsite which i'm never goign to use

anywya, hehe, use more oil in your pot, i've never really had that problem. oh actually its probably teh oyster sauce being burnt on the bottom, in which case maybe use less heat and more water :P

there's my two cents hehem, i hope it works - probalby not lol

today has been the first day of my holidays i think that' i've actually been at home all day, so i've desperately needed to catch up on work

sounds like you're having quite hte experience up there.

i haven't read the whole blog (how did you find time to writ eit all? - no icq ? lol) but taking easy subjects is probalby good, maybe one hard or challenging subject, but easy subjects will allow you to have more freedom with your time and get a better experience out of it in the end. that's waht i reckon.. :)

quebeck said...

Hmm what I do is fill up my pots with hot water, add some detergent, and soak them for a few hours (usually overnight cos I cbf washing them until I have to use them again). Give that a shot, you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to clean once you have soaked it.