Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunday is rest day

I guess i should start my blog for today before i get too lazy. Last night i had a welcome party hosted by Plume IS. It was lots of fun - all the new residents turned up and almost all the old ones too (even one person who has since moved out!). The food was really nice: we had about 4 types of japanese curry (different meats/vegies n stuff) with rice. And there was beer. And some sort of mixed japanese drink which i didn't quite figure out too. All for just 500yen! How's that for a deal. Anyway this is the main entrance to my accommodation.

All the residents have two keys here - one is for your post box which is just inside the main entrance, and the other is a key to open the door into the main place - as well as the door to your room.

I got my first bit of mail this morning too! My 'cash card' (ATM/eftpos card) arrived from the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi. Now i can actually withdraw money without having to worry about the exchange rate.

I woke up reasonably late today (i've been actually having to get up at 8am or 7am everyday i've been here so far), which i think might have been partly because of all the alcohol that was floating around last night. Although, i don't really remember drinking that much. By the time i got out the door it was already past 12pm - but that's ok since i didn't really have anything urgent to do today.

First stop was the Shinkawasaki station 'green window' - having received my student card i am now able to take full advantage of the student concession rates. I got myself a monthly ticket which gives me unlimited access between my station and the station that i have to go to for uni (which is like 3 stops away). That set me back 5,470 yen - but i suppose it works out to only about 180 yen per day for my necessary transport.

The other handy thing is that i can get off at Shinagawa using my pass - and Shinagawa is a reasonably big station which has lotsa food outlets and stuff. It is also the only place i know that has an international ATM machine that accepts my commonwealth eftpos card. Fingers crossed i won't really need to use that too often though. I got off at Shinagawa today after buying my pass so that i could go to the hotel to pick up various bits n pieces for my room (my dad went on a shopping trip yesterday and found a kettle and some cutlery and a rubbish bin for me! thanks dad hehe).

I got lunch for free because we had a spare 'shokuken' (food coupon) which i exchanged for a plate of chef's recommendation noodles + a pork cutlet ... The pork cutlet was really just a piece ready to be turned into katsudon or katsu curry (those things that sort of look like parmagiana crumbed fillets) - but they put some tomato sauce stuff on it instead hehe. Oh well it still tasted good to me.

The walk home was considerably more difficult than normal seeing as i had this huge bag of shopping to carry ... But i made it, and i've been sitting lazily in my room since.

Oh and Keio Uni does have a badminton club! I found their website today and sent an email to their team/club contact. I shall go back to refreshing my inbox and hope for a reply from them :)


hwangus said...

What's with the two identical doors?

quebeck said...

Woot, badminton! Show them how's its played age!