Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tokyo Night Life (continued)

I'm all full of blogging energy right now so i'm going to try to fill everybody in a bit more about my night out... But first let me tell you all a story about my little blue umbrella.

He was one of those little compact collapsable things that fit really nice and neatly into my bag. I think i used to carry it around to uni for most of semester one this year. He lived in my bag and hardly ever saw the sky. In fact, i think even when it was raining he tended to like to stay inside my bag (well, rather, i left him in there because putting away a wet umbrella is such a pain....).

Anyway one day he got packed away into my suitcase and flew across the ocean to the land of Japan. He came along with me on all my excursions around Tokyo. He even managed to experience first hand what it was like to be inside a bag when it was raining in Japan! (read my post from yesterday). Last night he made his last trip with me - he came club hopping. But he never came home. So somewhere out there in Tokyo (well in some club in Tokyo) lies my poor little blue umbrella, who has never seen the sky. The end. Sad huh.

Mmm well at least it will teach me not to bring anything that i can't fit in my pockets next time i intend to stay out late and drink.

Well ok on to the interesting stuff now. Last night's outing was meant to start at 10.30. We (being the ultra organised exchange students that we are) managed to leave the dorm at about 9.45. Even though we knew it took about an hour to get there. On the way to the station, Jakob and Kris decided that for 200 yen umbrellas were a good investment (i was carrying my now-lost-blue-umbrella already). That set us back another 5 mins or so. Some dawdling and 15 mins later we arrived at the train station and headed off down towards Tokyo.

The route was a bit of a pain because we had to change lines at Shinagawa station, and then again at Ebisa (we had to take the subway from there to get to Roppongi). Somehow though, when we jumped on a random subway carriage at Ebisa we ran into some of the girls from the other dorm who had managed to forget to bring ID and had gone home and come back out to get it (yeah, that's how late we were hehe). A lot of people now have gotten themselves mobile phones so everybody is busy swapping numbers (and trying to work out how to save them).

Arriving at Roppongi station we hopped out at station exit no.3 and met everybody else. I think we must have frightened off the locals since there must have been aobut 40 or 50 of us gaijins (foreigners) all standing in a huge group. I tried to take a photo but i don't think it really came out terribly well. Roppongi is basically full of activity all night. I think it's like the place where most of the foreigners go to hang out - and english is widely spoken in almost all the clubs (that we went to at least). What was a bit funny was all the dudes standing outside handing out flyers seemed to be black American guys. Bit of a shock to see (for me at least) in the heart of Tokyo. In fact, the clubs and bars seem to be run by black American guys as well. Hmm maybe it's just this area.

The first place we tried going into was so packed that i don't think all 50 of us could actually fit in. It was too noisy and not really the scene the most of us wanted so it was pretty much a walk in-walk out affair. The next club was virtually empty - but once we were in there it became quite full :) We spent a good hour or two there drinking, taking photos and generally having some fun trying to dance. The music was really old school - which made it quite fun actually. We even had the Macarena going for a bit lol. This is my German buddy Jakob. I met him one morning on the way to uni because he lives on the same floor as me in the dorm.

The next place was some night club with a 3000 yen cover charge. People weren't too happy about that, and we sort of walked in to the counter, then turned around and walked out. On the way there numerous people had managed to get more booze at a convenience store so we spent another half hour standing around outside trying to decide what to do. Some poor dude went in by himself so we had to wait for him to realise the rest of us weren't coming. And convince him to waste his 3000 yen. I'm still not sure if he came out when we left.

After that we found ourselves in some pub sort of place which was quite small and quite busy. We had a bit of fun 'following the leader' - who decided that they needed a bathroom break. Anyway i think everyone decided that despite the rather weird music the place was playing, it was time to get some more drinks happening. I, along with a couple of other people however, had decided that it was about time for some food - so we kinda ditched the group and went off to eat hehe. The good thing about Roppongi is the whole place is open pretty much 24 hours. We ended up going to this place called "Freshness Burger" where i had a bacon and omelette burger. Matthias (he's from Germany) tried a Menchi burger since that was pretty much the only thing on the menu that we couldn't work out at all, and the rest had cheeseburgers and other mundane stuff like that. It was quite nice. But very small.

About 20 minutes later we found ourselves stopping at McDonalds before heading back to the bar. When we got back though, there were more people who had decided that it was about time to get something to eat, so back we went to McDonalds. By then Kelly (my kankokujin friend) had finally realised that drinking a lot makes you feel funny, and was having trouble standing up properly. We thought that maybe she should sit down and eat something so i went off and got a meal for her - which she decided that she didn't want when i brought it. Was all good though - i was still hungry hehe :)

At that point, we somehow managed to lose about half our group - and we must have spent at least the next 30-45 minutes wandering around Roppongi looking for the club they'd gone to. We did manage to find various "massage" parlours and hotels in the back alleys - along with plenty of hookers. But no club unfortunately. Luckily we did have mobile phones and managed to meet up after finding an easy to see TGI Fridays to sit outside. The last place was probably the smallest of the lot, but by then everyone was getting kind of tired so space to jump around wasn't really so important. An hour or two later, the first train started running, and everybody (well almost everybody - a few people headed back into some other club for a bit instead) had pretty much had it for the night so we made tracks and headed for home...

And here are some more random shots (mainly from the beginning of the night before we all got too tired):

Some of the gals

Catherine and Kelly

More ppls (with Kelly's finger on the side)

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Hey post up some of the prices of the alcohol and food over there. What kind of clubs did you visit too? Like music and decor wise. I'm quite curious.