Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tokyo Night Life

Well people... it's now 6:50 am in the morning here and i just had my shower and i'm getting ready to go get some sleep (i have NO idea how i'm meant to wake up for the opening ceremony tomorrow - my sleeping pattern is going to be quite wacked out).

Tonight i saw a side of Japan that most tourists probably don't get to see. And it was lots of fun. Just about the whole contingent of new exchangees turned up and we went club hopping around one of the seedier (apparently it's one of the most dangerous too) places in Tokyo - called Roppongi. I'll post photos up later - but basically the way it works here is if you go out late, you come back the next day unless you're willing to take a cab. Cabs here will cost you between 10,000 yen to 250,000 yen (i dunno what that is in AUD, somewhere around $130-$300 dollars i'm guessing) to get from the clubs out to where the uni accomodation is, so it's cheaper to stay out and drink. Almost. Hence the reason for me only just having my shower now - we caught the first train back which runs at 5.15 am. To get to my place unfortunately takes a bit over an hour from that train though.

Anyway i'm too tired to think properly. Lots of interesting things to write about tomorrow (or whenever i happen to wake up). Stay tuned.

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