Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another trip to Electric Town

I think my teacher has some serious PMS mood-swing problems or else she is having an affair with somebody. Today, my usually extremely strict and intense Wednesday teacher was really high (in the sense of being very happy). AND she was wearing bright red sneakers, which looks really weird when the rest of your clothes are kind of formal. Also, for some reason, half the example sentences she makes seem to be about falling in love and starting to like people… The current theory is that she has fallen in love with somebody other than her husband in the last week or so. Among the exchange students that’s the theory anyway.

Had lunch with Simone and Tony in the cafeteria today, seeing as we hadn’t been there for a few days (we’ve been eating in the Seikyo lately – the other eatery at uni). I’ve realized that the rice dishes at the cafeteria are definitely more filling than the ones you get at the other place – but then I also realized that the price is a fair bit higher too. Everyone had class in third period though, so we couldn’t sit around to talk for too long. After class though, I ran into Tony again and we went to have a coffee with some other dudes at a place opposite the uni – and then ended up going to Akihabara because Tony wanted to get an electronic dictionary.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Akihabara, and I must say that it really is a great place to waste time if you have nothing to do. Well it is so long as you have some sort of interest in electronics at all. We must have walked down one of the streets for about 2 hours popping in and out of every shop that looked interesting. That means about 1 shop in 5. During that time, our focus shifted from looking for a dictionary to getting an mp3 player (well Tony’s focus did; I was looking around for a cd-drive for my laptop most of the time). Wanting to see what was around before getting anything, Tony and I sort of thought that we’d just remember the stores which had anything that looked interesting. Bad idea. After coming to the end of the main electric shopping district, we must have spent another good hour or so trying to find the shop that sold this Panasonic mp3 player. In the end, we didn’t find it. We did manage to find another store that sold the same model though – but it was a lot more expensive there. In the end, we went back to one of the shops almost right outside the train station and found a cool looking one there which Tony ended up getting. We even managed to get like a 1500 yen discount! Took us another hour or so to get it though because first, the problem was that they’d sold out of the small 128mb players which was what Tony wanted (so only the more expensive 256mb/512mb ones were there); and secondly it costs more to pay by card so we had to go to the bank to get cash.

I decided not to get myself a cd drive just yet – because I don’t know if I want to bother getting something which is really light, thin and portable (and costs a lot)… or something that is just big and chunky but can burn CDs/DVDs … OR something that is just big and chunky and can’t burn CDs but is really cheap. Problem for me at the moment is that without a CD drive, when I buy music CDs I can’t even make mp3s to put on my ipod ~ I think I might pop back to Akihabara tomorrow if I can work out what I’m after. Utada Hikaru has a new album out too which I wouldn’t mind getting a copy of.

Anyway back to our little outing – after getting the player we had been walking around for about 4 hours and hunger was starting to set in. I *finally* tried Mos Burger’ (it’s like the Japanese McDonalds) as neither of us had actually eaten there before. I think it’s better than McDonalds, but serving sizes are pretty small still. Below are some shots of the meals we had. The chips are small – but not as bad as what you get at KFC as I’m sure some of you remember from a few posts back.

My meal: i had a "Mos Cheese Burger Set". The green thing is a melon soda.

Tony's meal. Actually it's one hamburger meal + a hotdog. I can't remember what he had to
drink now, but i think it was something pretty ordinary.

We dawdled a little bit on the way home, and I decided to take a look inside one of the many anime/manga oriented stores for a bit. I now think I know why Japan has so many privacy problems. The store was pretty much set out like this: level 1 – hentai; level 2 – hentai; level 3 – mainly hentai. I’m not talking a hentai section, the whole of the first and second floors sell ONLY adult related manga/dvds/games, and the third has about half the floor space dedicated to the stuff. Funnily enough there don’t seem to be any female employees in the shop either … It just seems kind of amazing at how open that sort of thing is here – the shop isn’t even one of those little secluded places down a side alley – it’s on one of the main roads in Akihabara.

Oh, and apparently we have another typhoon coming some time next week, and possibly a big earthquake in central Tokyo too (or maybe the earthquake bit was just one of those bad Nostradamas type predictions ... i'm not sure). But somebody was saying that actually, because of the way Japan is situated near continental fault lines, earthquakes are expected to eventually destroy the country entirely. How's that for a positive outlook on life :) I'll just keep my fingers crossed that eventually means a long long time from now.

Well, that pretty much sums up the interesting stuff for the day. Now I need to do some boring stuff like homework and revision. Until next time.


Clare said...

The food looks so tiny! and its already a close-up photo!!!

YAY last day of uni tmr!!!!
Promise to write you email after that!!

Is Mos a fast food chain?! or just once off place?! like maccas?!

mELLy said...

Hey does the food come the way it looks in the photo? Unwrapped and in a basket? Pretty nice presentation if it does...

Clare said...

DId you change your post?! Cause when I asked the MAccas question....there were only photos! now there is alot more! ~_~

nanshii said...

ohh i lurve moss burger!!! how i miss their beef teriyaki rice burger *sigh*

hwangus said...

Blardy chicks, who cares about food?? Tell us more about that damn manga shop age did you buy anything there? (hehe)