Friday, October 15, 2004


I just typed up a whole post but it stuffed up when i tried to publish it. It's late now and i can't be bothered to rewrite it. Will post later.

For now here are some pictures from Wednesday night.

I have no idea what was in this, but it tasted good :)

Izakaya fun

I have NO idea why we had a metre long sausage...


SaNgE said...

hey age! its sange! didnt expect to hear from me did ya??!!

good to c u taking care of urself with all these healthy FRIED meals, and lots of exercise walking to the trains stations in the rain!! ur a dag my friend :P but its funny cos u dont even realise it!! =)

well, all us dudes at optus arent missin ya yet, so keep on with the fried eggs and ur version of potato chips.. ur doin great! ..oh, one thing i should commend u on, u remembered to vote??!! im here in melbourne and i didnt realise i had to vote til i arrived at work and kee asked me, 'hav u voted yet sandra?' -(GASP)!!?? well done my friend.

well anyway, im at uni, so i shud get bak to work, take care, and keep frying those chips!!
-sange =)

SaNgE said...

p.s. i was just kidding wen i sed we werent missin u at optus buddy, we miss having a 'mini kee' around :P toodles!