Friday, October 08, 2004


Today I stayed home after all - which i'm sort of glad about now as apparently there was more alcohol going on than studying at the group session.

Wrote a short english essay (well it was just a short summary + comments on a newspaper article) this morning, and then got really lazy and sat around reading my ebook (George R.R. Martin - 'A Game of Thrones'... i think that's the title... anyway it's getting really interesting now but what's a bit annoying is all these characters seem to be dying).

I did manage to pull myself out of my room for an hour or so to walk down to the hyaku yen shop and buy myself a fry pan; knife; 2 A4 folders; a sponge; a mug; some cough lollies and a hole puncher. I challenge any one of you to try to buy all of that for less than 1000 yen (hmmm .. AUD$14?).

Badminton training was really cool tonight - i met this guy (he even has an english name - Neil) who went on exchange to Melbourne about 20 years ago! He speaks really good english, and what's even weirder is he knows Ko Beng~ (Ko Beng organises a lot of the badminton competitions and helps train with Lenny at Kilsyth; so i used to see him when i used to train at kilsyth). It turns out that Neil's actually the guy Ko Beng was trying to give me contact details of before i left for Japan... Talk about small world. I'm 8000 kilometres from Australia and i happened to pick the right university and the right day to go to badminton training to meet this dude who was meant to be introduced to me anyway!~ It almost reminds me of 'My Sassy Girl' (and for those of you who haven't seen it, go watch it ... i thought it was quite cute).

Anyway it's late, and i haven't even had my shower. Here's some pictures to make up for my lack of original thought tonight.

Dinner... (this is what food from the convenience store looks like here... cool huh)


A rice cooker at last

And a look inside too

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quebeck said...

Hahaha hyaku yen shop, I guess thats the jap equivalent of the $2 shop. Amazing, so anywhere in the world, some things don't change :)

Btw doesn't look like there's much fibre in those convenience dinners...