Saturday, October 16, 2004

Comments on comments

Due to popular demand, i thought i'd just post to respond to some of the comments that have been popping up. If i miss your question feel free to tell me via a comment/email and i'll try to stick it into my next post :)

The sausage i ate the other night came with a pair of scissors to cut it up. You can see the scissors if you look carefully at the photo hehe. I should have rotated the photo, but if you haven't realised it was actually on this funny stand that held it up vertically...

As for the pizza, i actually saw a Domino's pizza ad on the train today, so they must have some more western-style pizza chains around in japan too ... although so far i've as yet to try one.

In other food news, I've bought myself a potato/fruit peeler thingo so hopefully i can make those good ol' healthy fried chips a bit more quickly next time. Oh and i figured, it's probably not a bad idea to sort of boil the potato before hand so that the inside is all nice n soft :)

Re: becoming fluent in Japanese - for any of you wondering, it still doesn't really feel like my spoken japanese has improved very much ... but i suppose listening is definitely better now. Mental note to self: go out with japanese ppl more.

Badminton training is still very physical. Although the other day i did see some of them playing games. The lower end of the team isn't that strong, but the 3-4 stronger players are definitely pretty good. I really don't know where i'd fall in yet as i still haven't played any of them in a game... The annual Waseda vs Keio match is coming up and they are trying to select a team (i think there's one too many players - so somebody is not going to make it.)

Gee there's quite a lot of cooking related stuff on here... thanks for the tips everyone though. I still haven't got any salad dressing - i think i'll go have a look for some tomorrow evening when after uni ... not having to COOK the vegies sounds like a pretty good idea :) Only problem is, i'm seriously running low on space to keep everything ... the cupboard space is pretty limited, and lets not even get started about my fridge.

Anyway that's most of the recent comments i think~ Time to go!

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