Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday already...

I don't know where all my time's been going lately. I haven't been going out, i haven't really been studying much .... but somehow the whole week's already flown past.

Went to badminton training. Actually wasn't feeling too bad at the end of it and had some fun doing a few extra drills (smash practice mainly; it's a lot harder than you'd think to smash 10 shuttles on to the sidelines...). And after that I even played a game of singles! Was good to have some match practice again. I played Koike-kun (he's probably about 3rd/4th ranked in the team); i won the first set 11-1 but i lost the second 11-6. By then we were both too stuffed to play another set and it was getting near the 10 o clock lights off time.

Seeing as i don't have morning class on friday, i went wif a few of the guys after to eat. We were meant to go eat chinese food (of all things) but when we got to the place, the waitress kind of pulled down the menu (the one that they put up outside) while we were looking at it hehe; i.e. they were not taking any more customers for the night. We ended up instead going to some ramen place not far from there. I had some plain (shouyu, or in english, soysauce) ramen and a plate of fried rice. I realised then that i haven't actually had ramen once at a proper place since i got here in september... so it was a nice change from the normal. Slowly getting some more japanese practice too; the good thing is i'm the only gaijin there so there's nobody to speak english with :)

Had class in the afternoon. Struggled all morning to find an economics article to report on. Ended up choosing one that was extremely similar to the one i chose last week about an environmental tax debate (for those interested, Russia has recently ratified the Kyoto protocol meaning that it is set to be implemented some time next year... as a result Japan has to find some ways of reducing it's greenhouse gas emissions in a hurry; but of course business leaders aren't too happy about environmental taxes eating up profits).

Class was alright. Today, prof let the students run the show pretty much - so we spent about 30 minutes talking about current news articles and then the rest of the time on a presentation prepared by one of the groups (which follows the text we're using).

After that, this photo pretty much sums up what we did for the next hour:

Yeah fun huh. We (the gaijin) all sort of just congregate in the middle of Keio and stand around after class. Aaron had a frisbee which kept us entertained for a little bit too. Most of the guys standing around there went out tonight for drinks in Shibuya. I didn't. Sigh, if only i didn't have class on saturday morning (the lucky ppls are all in 3B which is the only stream that doesn't have classes on saturday).

On the way home, i was starting to feel really hungry, so i grabbed something to eat from the supermarket:

Not bad for supermarket sushi huh...

That was entree. I cooked the rest of the chicken i had in my freezer with some teriyaki sauce and had it with potatoes and rice. Since then, i've been doing homework and i just finished (finally....)! Anyway, that's about all from me today. また、今度。

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quebeck said...

hey, you know' we haven't seen much of your uni I don't think. If it's not illegal, try and get some photos of the uni, hmm like buildings and your lecture halls and stuff. Is it much different to melb U here? I can't remember whether you wrote about it before, but Im sure we havent seen photos of it.