Sunday, October 03, 2004

Fun at home

Today I was planning to go to badminton training which started at 11 - so i thought i'd give myself an hour or two to make myself some food and generally wake up.
Problem One: by the time i actually got out of bed it was about 10:45. I set my alarm for 8am but i managed to get out of bed, turn it off and go back to sleep.
Problem Two: when i got out of bed i looked out my window and it was raining hard. My umbrella isn't really big enough to cover me and my badminton bag...
So, if you haven't worked it out by now ... i went to training anyway. Hehehe nah actually i didn't. The idea of having a nice rest at home today was too tempting and i spent most of the day lazing around. Unfortunately, i didn't devote much of the day to doing my homework - which means i still need to study for my test (which is tomorrow morning).

The most interesting thing i did was make myself dinner i think. I got myself some chicken, vegies and tofu from the supermarket and made quite a nice meal somehow. I even found some dried chilli's to give it some sort of taste. The chicken didn't quite end up the colour i was expecting though (i thought maybe it'd go a bit more orange/red with all the chilli in there - it ended up staying its normal colour, while the chilli and garlic just went black instead). I got a bit of a surprise when i went to cook my egg though - but i think i'll let the pictures do the talking.

Anyway without further ado, THIS is what happens when an egg cracks open in the fridge inside the package...

If you can't see in that photo - basically the egg somehow cracked in the pack, but because each egg is in its own compartment, the yolk didn't really come out. Or maybe it was just because my fridge has been getting all iced up lately. Basically, when i went to crack the egg, it was like peeling the shell off one that had been hard-boiled (only the inside was frozen solid). I cooked it anyway.

And it did cook ... eventually :)

More cooking photos - my meal at last.



quebeck said...

lol age that looks like such a japanese style dinner, all your ingredients seperated and displayed nicely like that :) Are you going to get a rice cooker? I can't imagine that would be enough food without any rice.

I swear so much stuff is happening down here, seems like the moment you go everything decides to happen.

Adrian said...

Did you post that comment before i even uploaded the pots properly or what Soh?

How often do you check this page!??? Hehe

Ez said...

Leaning to cook is a good thing. When you come back, and we're all at your place trashing it like we usually do, and Eric gets hungry, you can show us your 733t 5k|llz. Not to say that we'll be using you more than we do already, its just a possibility :)

mELLy said...

ahrahaha Age, mum, dad and i all had a good laugh over ur cooking exploits; we couldn't believe u managed to cook a half frozen egg! Reading ur blog made us think of how good our dinner was tonight in comparison! Dad was saying how you must really be missing the chilli and spices in our food. Btw, Mum told me to tell u to soak the chilli first in some water (to revive its original goodness)and then fry it until it's fragrant; not until it's black! See how u, and make sure u send us more pictures!

hwangus said...

Nah Jonathan just has an automated script running. Hey what's with NO RICE?????

kAgE said...

w00000ttt no rice? that's silly =p ahhh well, u want ME to show u how to cook eggs? lolz maybe soh can show u as well hahaha =p turn down the temp on ur fridge dude =p alot of things have been happening? really soh? u haven't left ur room =p