Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Home for a whole day

Well, despite staying in my room for the whole day yesterday, i somehow forgot that i needed to blog. (Yesterday was a public holiday here in Tokyo for some reason - so there was no uni!) Anyway after having gone out a fair bit in the past few days i decided that i'd spend one whole day in my room. It was good because i actually got some homework done :P On the downside, i didn't really have anything really to make a meal out of except some potatoes and egg. I had some fun deep frying the potatoes trying to make something that vaguely resembled chips. They look a bit weird, but they tasted quite okay :)

Deep fried potatoes (aka chips)~

It was plenty to make me full which was the main thing i suppose. I think by staying in my room i ate about 10x more junkfood/snacks than normal though. Or it could have been the fact that i was doing homework - which always sort of makes me feel like eating. I've gone half way through my family-pack of kitkats and about a quarter way through the pack of cookies i bought :)

Anyway as for today i just went to uni and did a lil bit of grocery shopping on the way home. I'm still trying to find a place that's near my daily commute to uni where i can buy the "Nikkei Weekly" (an english economics/business newspaper). Even though i wondered all over both Tamachi station (where my uni is) and Shinagawa station (the main station on the way home), i still haven't found a place that sells it.

The week feels really short because of not having class yesterday - and also because the typhoon on saturday meant one of my classes was cancelled then too... And then tomorrow is wednesday already - which is like my friday night since i have no class on thursday. Neat huh. I met some more japanese peoples today at lunch which was cool - and tomorrow i'm hopefully going to go out with some Japanese ppl my friend met on the way to the convenience store (of all places lol). More japanese practice for me ~!

Tonight, i've got badminton training again, which should be good so long as the sky doesn't open up and rain on me when i walk there/back. Thanks everyone for your comments btw, it's really nice to hear from everybody~~ Laters all.

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quebeck said...

How's the badminton training like? We haven't heard much about that (cept for the small bit a few blogs back). Are the ppl there nice? How good are the players? Do they go out at all as a club?