Friday, October 29, 2004

Italian Food in Japan

Well everyone, i got back pretty late last night and i didn't have energy to post anything. I'm a bit short on time tonight too because i have a couple of tests tomorrow that i need to study for. I'll try to post a bit better over the weekend.

We finally started doing some match-practice at badminton training (the Soukeisen - Keio v Waseda 'War' - is on Sunday). Playing games is so much easier than the training we normally do though - i don't think i even needed to change my shirt. I joined the guys after training to go eat, and this week we again had the problem of trying to find a place that was 1) near the train station 2) open at 11pm and 3) had enough seats to fit all 10 of us in there. After a bit of searching we ended up going to some italian-style cafe. I had some sort of spaghetti bolognes with sausage dish, which wasn't bad actually. I've realised that the Japanese normal people speak to their friends, and the Japanese we learn in class are pretty much two different languages. It's really hard for me to understand them when they're not directly speaking to me because of all the slang they use. They did try to teach me some 'useful' vocabulary hehe, but i don't remember half of it now :(

I somehow ended up hungry by the time i was half way home, so i stopped by the convenience store (i love it how there are seriously convenience stores on every street here) to get some snacks to eat...

Today, after class i went with Tony and Simone to a cafe on the other side of the train station. We were actually looking for this new Starbucks that had apparently opened, but instead we ended up going to an 'Excelsior Cafe'. The idea was to have a drink, then sit there and study until dinner time. Of course, it was more of a sit there for 3 hours and do pretty much nothing... Although Tony did manage to have a snooze, while Simone managed to spend at least one whole hour trying to send email msgs in Japanese.

I thought i'd try some of the weirder drinks i could see on the menu so below is a photo for all you pic lovers:

Maple-syrup flavoured latte!

If you zoom in i think you can even see the Excelsior logo on the cup.

We were meant to meet up with one of Tony's friends for dinner but in the end she couldn't make it so we had to find somewhere to eat ourselves. After walking up and down the street for a good 20 minutes we decided to head back to this place near uni to have italian food. The second time in two days for me.

It's pretty funny because on the menu you can order W-size instead of regular size for pastas - and the W is actually short for 'double' there hehe (日本語でダブル・サイズ) . Anyway i had a W-size regular spaghetti thing, which turned out to be quite huge. I'm still full now :)

Tomorrow the baseball Soukeisen (Keio vs Waseda War) starts, so IF the weather is good we only have 1 period of school. IF that's the case then i really only have to study a little bit more tonight since i won't have my other test. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to rain so i doubt the match will be played - meaning that we will have all our normal classes ... The upside to that is that we will probably have Monday off because they need two days to finish the match... Cool huh. They really are serious about their baseball. In fact speaking of which, my prof today in class said that when he was a student at Keio, there was one year when they had a whole week off because of the Soukeisen. And the other cool thing is (apparently anyway), if Keio wins theres a whole heap of places in Ginza which will be serving free drinks/food to Keio students. (i think a lot of Keio alumni own things in Ginza) There is the equivalent happening in Shinjuku if Waseda wins ehhe.

In any case, i better go get started on this whole studying thing!~

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mELLy said...

Man, baseball really is huge over there; i mean it's only an inter-uni comp, and u all get out of class! Is it actually compulsory to attend the match? Or are u just free to do what u like?