Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Japanese practice

Lots of stuff to write about today :)

This morning i was woken up by a small aftershock from Saturdays huge earthquake. I must say it works much better than an alarm clock - and it's not half as annoying once u get over the initial shock of the floor moving under you :) It's actually kind of like sitting on some sort of ride.

I still haven't worked out how i didn't realise it was happening on Saturday until a few people back in Aus messaged me about it; apparently here at the dorm it was pretty strong too - people were getting worried about their bookshelves falling on top of them and a whole bunch of them ran to the lounge... Maybe i was just sleeping on the train or something at the time.

I got to the train station early today for a change, and managed to get myself onto the 8:11 train. Unfortunately that was one of the trains that kind of runs in the opposite direction from Keio once it gets to the city loop. We got delayed on the way, and then i couldn't even fit on the first city loop train that came past at Oosaki station because it was so full. I almost didn't fit into the second either despite being the first person in line to get on (yep rush hour in japan is fun)... In the end i think i would have been better off waiting for the 8:15 train and saving myself the hassle.

Met up with Chieko today for lunch (and some japanese practice); she brought a friend, and i brought along Simone so things were nice and bubbly for the 45 mins or so we had before 3rd period classes began. None of them could believe i didn't realise there was an earthquake on saturday either.

After class, i followed Simone and Asli to meet up with their language partners again, and this week we went to a cafe to sit and talk which was nice. Fitting 5 people onto two tiny tables proved harder than it first appeared, but we managed to kill an hour or two there still. I was feeling a bit intrusive being there seeing as i hadn't even signed up for a language partner; and i seemed to be the one blabbing on more often than not. But, afterwards Asli actually asked me to try to come everyweek though because it helped keep the conversation alive lol (which still died a few times leaving us all in awkward silences...). I will try to keep the routine up i think.

Anyway when i got back, the dorm manager gave me a couple of books that somebody had apparently sent me... Upon opening them, i found they were 'english language proficiency' books (written in Japanese). Unless one of you people decided to send me something to read in the last couple of weeks, i don't think i was wrong in giving them back to the dorm manager :P

After that, Ben messaged me to see if i wanted to go to a concert in Yokohama (one of the guys i met a few weeks back was performing tonight) - but that was at about 6pm, and the concert started at 7pm. Considering we didn't know how to get there that didn't leave us much time - and i hadn't eaten dinner yet (yeah, okay, that was probably the real reason i didn't want to go). Ended up just sitting around and having a chat for another hour - that made it about 9pm.

Some cooking; eating and homework later, here i now sit... Since i sort of forgot that i had my camera in my bag today at the cafe, you'll all have to settle for some pictures of my cooking :P

I was feeling hungry on Sunday night. So this is what i cooked...

And this is the complimentary vegie dish

I even made potato salad !~

And this is what i had tonight ... No i didn't make the curry myself - all i had to do was warm it up :)


quebeck said...

Lol, all your food looks very 'minimal'. Must be the japanese influence. :)

Btw i cant help but notice that they look like really small servings...

Clare said...

hm...thats a very interesting potatoe salad! What ya put in it?! Do you have eggs all the time?!

Make sure you tell us u're still alive the next time sth happens in jap! : )

mELLy said...

All ur jap friends have such cute names! lol, only half the time i can't tell if they're guys or girls! (unless u say of course)
I must say though age, i'm getting kinda worried about ur bookshelf too; it's directly in front of ur bed too isn't it? Is there ne way u could change the configuration of ur room?
Btw, was that an ommelet u cooked the other day? What did u put in it? It looked rather odd...