Monday, October 11, 2004

Karaoke amongst other things

Well everybody, in the end i did decide to go out last night (or was it the night before...) even though the typhoon meant most of the trains were cancelled. I only got back at about 7am on Sunday so you'll have to forgive me for not updating my blog sooner :)

Somehow, Jakob and I managed to get to Shibuya despite leaving Plume IS at about 10.30pm. Normally here the trains all stop at 12; and it's at least a 15 minute walk to the station for us. That didn't leave a lot of leeway if anything went wrong - because we had to change lines twice to get to Sangenjaya Station which always takes time. And having a typhoon and all - i wasn't even sure if there'd be trains running on our line. It turns out we were quite lucky, as we managed to catch one of the last trains running back into Tokyo, and then change to another line to get to Shibuya station where we changed lines again. And made the very last train running to Sangenjaya. 5 more minutes and we would have been spending the night wandering around by ourselves.

Anyway at Sangenjaya Matthias and Ben met us at the station, and before long the rest of the crew arrived. Most of the people i think i have met, but as usual i can't remember their names. Everyone there except for one guy (i think) was an exchange student - which was bad because it meant no japanese practice. The karaoke worked out to about 2600yen per head - and we were in there from a bit after midnite until about 4am. It was actually meant to be until 5am, but because some of the guys brought in alcohol purchased at the convenience store, we thought it best if we left a little bit early (before we could get in trouble). I still had a good time though - but i think i'm going to try my best not to go to that sort of outing any more because 1) you don't get to talk to people properly in such a big group and 2) i want to learn some japanese!

We had to wait until about 5.15 for the first train - and the whole trip home was an expected hour and a bit for the ppl who live in my dorm. Because of this we almost decided to walk part of the way instead of just standing aronud waiting for the train. But in the end, fatigue (or perhaps it was the fact that Jakob needed to go to the bathroom...) got the better of us and we caught trains the whole way. I didn't drink much considering how long we were out for - and i actually had enough energy to come home and have a shower before i went to sleep which is always a good thing. One thing i've found, is it's pretty icky to wake up smelling like alcohol because you were too tired to change the night before...

Anyway this morning (well now it's yesterday morning), i was woken up by a phone call from Hiro-kun. I didn't realise it was him at first, and i was wondering why he didn't understand when i tried to speak english to him lol. It was an invitation to go to dinner; which after having no japanese practice at all last nite i happily accepted.

Between then and dinner, i decided to be semi-productive and tidied up my room!~ It probably doesn't look that neat to you ppls, but compared to before it seems pretty clean to me :) There are some pix of it below.

Dinner was in Shibuya (yep you guessed it), and we went to the same Izakaya that we were at last week. I think it's Hiro's favourite place. We drank a lot more than we ate though - and afterwards Hiro was actually still hungry and went off to eat more by himself. Hiro brought Yuki (not the Yuki i met at the welcome party though - a diff one who i met last week) along, and Matthias and Miguel came too. We were all a bit tired though from last night though - so the conversation was a bit slow. As usual, afterwards we had the weekly dilemma of what to do next; in the end deciding on some pool instead of karaoke. That killed about an hour or so.

Guilt got the best of me then, and i decided to head for home instead of staying out all night again (Simone and some other people were having drinks at a place right underneath where we were playing pool - we ran into them by chance as we were walking in actually, and for a bit i was tempted to go with them). I think Hiro, Yuki and Yuke (her friend) did end up going back there after Matthias and i left though. I shall find out tomorrow (or rather, later today) i suppose. Anyway on to the pix:

My cleaned room~!

and reorganised shelf

This is what a train station looks like when the trains have been cancelled due to typhoons

Frances, Matthias and Me in the Karaoke room...


Ez said...

Thats one TINY bin!

Clare said... that a pair of jeans on your bookshelf? Great blogs, always so interesting to read. Never heard you sing!! We better go Karaoke when you come back!! = )

roslyn said...

Genki desuka? I've been updating your blog but you should know how busy I am. Very interesting lifestyle can enjoy but use more of your Japanese instead, afterall you are there don't waste the oppportunity. Told grandma about your rice cooker she was really thrilled about it and she said it looked nicer than hers. She told me to tell you to eat more cos she thinks that you have lost a bit of weight.Get some veggies and salad dressing that we had (GOMA DRESSING-Sesame)get the brand KYUPI, you should get a bottle of Kikoman Soya Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce because you can cook anything with it.Eg.cook the chicken fillet with some cooking oil obviously and put a dash of the sauce,pepper and some water so it doesn't get burn.So you have salad, chicken and rice, one meal done.
How did your rice turn out was it cook, it should be interesting to know.Okay gotta go keep in touch, take care.