Monday, October 18, 2004

Language Partners

Today I managed to wake up at 7am, but fall asleep again until about 7.50. That left about 5 minutes to get myself ready to go to school. We made it to the station in good time and jumped on the 8.23 train which was delayed and only came at about 8.26 (yeah, for Japan that's a pretty big delay... seriously). Anyway it turned out there was some sort of accident that had happened. I couldn't quite understand the announcement unfortunately so i can't give you much more detail than that. At first i thought they said due to an earthquake, but i THINK it was somebody who had fallen on the tracks or something more like that.

In any case, the train was extremely crowded, and the ride took us about twice as long as normal. We were thus late for class. We somehow did manage to beat the rest of the people from my dorm there though.

After classes finished today, Simone was scheduled to meet up with her language partner for the first time, and since i had nothing better to do i went along too (yeah, i kind of didn't sign up for one... oh well). For some reason they meet up in pairs (as in, two language partners with two foreign students) so we ended up with 5 people. Actually it was 6, because Tony's partner for some reason moved their time till 4pm from 2.45pm... But Tony didn't really stay long.

The language partners sound like very studious types ... or at least more studious than the ppl i've met so far. They actually go to classes! And they're not in garage punk-rock bands ehhe. ALthough being girls might have something to do with that. We sat around for a bit over an hour, but the conversation was a bit weird. Asli (the other foreign student; she's from Turkey i think), didn't say much, so it ended up more me and Simone talking - or at least trying to talk :) I somehow ended up trying to talk about Australian law (both of the language partners are law students at keio) which is a bit difficult when you try to explain things like common law and precedent. Even with a dictionary, in the end i just gave up lol.

I suppose if i'm ever bored i will try to go along to the meetings every now and then - since it is good japanese practice i suppose. My intention of learning japanese through just going out and drinking still stands though hehe~

Oh and as for the spoon in my photo yesterday, no it's not particularly more bent than normal :)

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