Wednesday, October 20, 2004

No photo again

Sorry, no photo today either.

Only had class in periods 1 and 2 today - so i was finished by lunch time. The aim was to have lunch then come straight home, have a nap, then do some homework. Of course, what actually happened was i had lunch, sat around and talked, found some more friends and sat around and talked more, then came home and had a nap. The homework bit kind of got left off until after i got back from badminton (hence why this blog is being posted at 12:23am my time and not earlier).

I learnt how to say 'how are you' in korean today, but i've forgotten already. Sigh. I really need to learn how to read/write hangul, so i can write down the stuff i learn.

Badminton tonight was pretty average, but i managed to overstretch during one of the drills and ended up just resting for the last 30 mins or so. People were actually playing some games afterwards today which was nice to see. Although i'm sort of starting to understand why nobody feels like playing after training here; you just have no energy left. Somehow even though i didn't play i managed to sit around there until about 10.15 though. I grabbed a bento box on the way home for dinner since it was probably the quickest (filling) thing to eat.

Oh tomorrow I organised dinner with Simone, Hiro and two other japanese girls i met the other day. But apparently there is another stoopid typhoon coming. This is at least the 3rd that's hit Japan since i've come. That's almost one every week and a half. Although seeing as the typhoons here don't have names (unlike when hurricanes hit Australia/America); and are just called "Typhoon no.23" i shouldn't be so surprised. Anyway we shall see how brave we are feeling tomorrow - staying out all night isn't so bad if you're inside somewhere. And if we end up going, it might be our only option if they cancel all the trains....

But hopefully the typhoon kind of misses Tokyo :)

I cut up a fuji apple to eat when i started writing this, and i'm up to my last piece now which i think is a sign that i should stop writing :) The apples here are yum, but they're so expensive compared to Australian prices. I paid 500 yen for 3 fujis this afternoon.... That's like $2 an apple. And with that i shall take my leave. (sorry i've been reading George R.R. Martin too much again).

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Ez said...

Is the reason for the lack of typhoon coverage because they're not actually as big as the ones they have in Florida? Like... do people die in every typhoon?

Maybe its also because the Americans are a bit weird, and they think they can survive the hurricane by just standing outside and challenging it to a duel, like Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump. But that was more like he challeneged God, but it was still a storm of sorts.

You notice how you seem to get more comments when you have photos? Maybe I should post some photos on my blog :)