Sunday, October 03, 2004

Pizza Anybody?

Well today was i guess the first day of proper class - the orientation period for classes is over and the real stuff sort of starts now. The day felt really short since we only had to go to our morning japanese lesson (3 hours of it), and then lunch followed by one more class. We were done by 2.15.

I spent some time in the supermarket on the way home and managed to find some cooking salt and sugar! Tomorrow i plan to try cooking some food ... maybe for dinner ... if i don't go out :)

Today's highlight would have to be dinner. Again it was at Shibuya. I'm starting to see why Catherine moved out of Plume IS (my current dorm) and into Willing Setagaya (another dorm) just because it was closer to that side of town. Every time we go out, we seem to end up over there. Anyway, 'we' this time was only a small group which was nice - about 4 of us exchangees and 4 japanese ppl who were either friends or relatives of ppl. While we were standing in our universal meeting spot - "the dog" outside shibuya station (it's just this little dog statue but everybody likes to meet there) - Hiro ran into us! It turned out he was meeting Catherine and some of the others to go out for dinner somewhere in Shibuya too. In the end we joined together and all went to an Izakaya for a couple of hours.

The place was nice n cosy, the food wasn't bad, and it was fun getting to speak a little bit more japanese since about half the crew were nihonjin. I have no idea what we ordered, but most of it was good - we left all the ordering up to two of the girls who seemed to know what they were doing. Below is a picture of a rather interesting interpretation of a pizza.

Nihontekina Pizza

After dinner, we had our usual dilemma of trying to decide where to go. As usual when the group gets any bigger than about 5, people start disagreeing and becoming indecisive. In the end the kankokujins (koreans; Kelly and another guy came after we finished eating) all went to drink more (alcohol), and Catherine, Simone, Hiro, two of Tony's japanese friends and myself went to have a coffee in "New Yorkers Cafe" (a place very similar to Starbucks - actually there was a starbucks right opposite which isn't so surprising). In a smaller group talking was much easier - and the conversation managed to progress quite well in Japanese somehow. The two Japanese girls who came spoke really good english too as they had both lived in Canada for a couple of years. So not only was it a good Japanese lesson for me, it was a good english lesson for Hiro too i think :)



quebeck said...

That sounds like a very nice night out, fun without drinking is good!

What's the deal with catherine and moving outta Plume? Can you do that too? Dunno if it would be worth it (how long has she been/staying there?), but if it's that much more convenient?

Adrian said...

Catherine's been here in Tokyo since April (1st semester). She moved out over the summer break. I don't think i can change my dorm now since that dorm is full - and this dorm i actually quite like.

I think that's the first night i've gone out here without having anybody get drunk - which is definitely a good thing for the sake of conversation :)