Friday, October 15, 2004


Well right now I’m waiting for my rice to cook so I can eat some of the left-overs from dinner last night for lunch. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, my post for yesterday disappeared when I tried to publish it last night – and it was too late to redo it so I’m writing about it now. I'm going to write all my posts in word or something first from now on to avoid that happening again.

Wednesday night was the first time I’ve been to eat somewhere that’s actually near to the Mita campus. Matthias kindly invited me and a couple of the other exchangees to go with him to eat with these Japanese people he’d met recently. I still can’t believe he met them while walking around lost and trying to find a convenience store. All of them are currently 4th year Keio students studying economics. We went to a medium-sized izakaya to eat. Dinner started out with some jikoshoukai (self-introductions), which got shorter and shorter as we went around the table. I’m so bad at remembering Japanese names; but at least I now know that I’m not the only one. My friends did about as badly as I did ~

A few drinks and a bit of food later we were all having lots of fun – even if I’m sure that half of the people couldn’t remember who was who. I think it’s just as hard for the Japanese people to remember foreigners’ names too – Ben got called John a few times during the night~ One of the guys there had lived in the states for about 10 years so he spoke extremely fluent English, but the rest of them spoke no English at all (at least not to us). I’m still sort of surprised sometimes when I think of ways to express myself in Japanese even when I don’t know the word lol. I think if you can get over the problem of worrying about correct expression, you can actually communicate most things reasonably if you just use a bit of logic…

As you can see in my previous post, we had all sorts of weird food to eat – all of it seemed to taste quite ok. I got another taste of Japanese-style pizza too – this time it looked more like they used normal bread for the base. Still tasted okay some how hehe. The highlight would have to be that huge long sausage somebody ordered. Cutting it up was definitely lots of fun haha.

Everybody (except me and Ben) had class on Thursday morning so we didn’t actually get back too late which was nice for a change. Hopefully we’ll meet up with them again sometime.

As for Thursday, I slept in till about 12; lazed about for a bit and then went to badminton training. Neil (the dude who went on exchange to Melbourne about 20 years ago) kindly came along again to say hi to me – and he’s going to try to come every Thursday after he finishes training the high school team. I was still sore from training on Tuesday, and after doing (or rather trying) a set of 50 multi-fed full-court retrieval I decided that it was time to head for home. I paid my first phone bill as well – which came to about 4000 yen for the first couple of weeks. That’s not too bad considering there was a 2700 yen connection fee.

Anyway, my rice just cooked, so I’m going to go eat!


hwangus said...

HI Age... I remember in Korea they had tiny weeny pizzas like you mentioned in your blog. We called them 'pizza bread' instead of 'pizza'. We also had places like Pizza Hut and Domino's to get 'real-American style' pizzas.

I am yet to send you money for the e-dictionary you got me ages ago. I am so naughty I was meant to pay you before you left to Japan. Don't worry, age I will pay you. Oneday. Someday.

Dad said...

hi Age, dad wants to know how the sausage tasted?How did u even cut it up!Golly that is one mean, long sausage. So what other wierd n wonderful Jap cuisine did u try that night? They sound like an interesting mob, 4th yr eco students huh, pity u can't really talk to them abt their courses.Wonder what it is like for them after 4 yrs!We took Nguik Fah out to the Near East restaurant on Wed night to thank her for her time with us. The banquet was so disappointing, more Cantonese than Thai style n so boring bec the management had changed, unknown to us. I would have chosen differently if I had known. Missing u heaps but reading your blogs makes up a little. Take care. Love, mum