Saturday, October 09, 2004

School and Typhoons

The typhoon still hasn't officially hit Tokyo yet. It is apparently going to be pretty big though i think, because classes after lunch were all cancelled so that we could get home. When/if a typhoon hits, a lot of the trains stop running - which means people won't be able to get home...
After class today i went to visit the Australian embassy to vote with Catherine and Francis (the other two Melbourne Uni ppls). The embassy looks a bit like some sort of fortress - with metal shields in front of the windows (i think they're shields, coz they sort of point downwards so i don't think they're to block out the sun hehe) and a high wall all around etc. The front security is pretty lax though - you have to walk through the metal scanning thing and everything, but if it goes off, you can just show them that you're wearing a belt with a metal buckle and then it's ok. Hopefully no terrorists decide to wear belts when they come to visit.

Walking to the entrance...

Check out those window shields...!

Voting was pretty easy - and the turn out of Australians was surprisingly high (especially considering the weather today). About 15 minutes later we were done, and the rain was starting to come down a bit more heavily. Tonight, some of the exchangees are having a party at their dorm (Willing Setagaya), and then going out to karaoke or something. Hopefully the trains start working again a bit later on so i can get out there. Hopefully also, the rain eases off a bit, because i was fully soaked by the time i got home after walking from the station back to my room. An umbrella doesn't seem to keep your bottom half dry very well :(

Anyway i think i might go have a nap :)


hwangus said...

Hahaha the embassy looks so high-tech!

mELLy said...

Hey just wanted to make sure u got urself a raincoat, it doesn't sound like an umbrella will do under those sortof conditions. Btw, John Howard has just won himself another term in office...=) Although u prolly already knew that.

ps. where's that adapter for the mic? I can't find it in ur room.

Ez said...

I thought u hadn't enrolled yet! What happened? You actually enrolled before election day? WEll, the colilition won, so your vote doesn't really matter. I'm a lil drunk atm, so ummmm.. i'm just going to stop now.
Kevin Andrews won! yay.