Sunday, October 17, 2004

School on saturday

I don't have any photos to post today, so i'm going to try to write about some of the things i've probably been leaving out in my posts so far. Well let me see, what did i do today... Got woken up rather painfully by my alarms (yeah i set two these days so that i definitely get up) this morning at 7am. After being able to sleep in till 10 on wednesday/thursday 7am feels REALLY early :(

On saturday's, the station is relatively less crowded, so it's a lot easier to meet up with the other exchangees on the platform. I think we scare the normal commuters when we all start speaking english. One thing i have noticed here, is that despite being extremely full of people, the trains are surprisingly quiet. It is quite rare for a japanese person to speak to the person next to them even on the train (the one exception being school girls who seem to talk non-stop all the time). And talking on your phone while in the train is actually not allowed at all - although once in every blue moon you do see the odd business man take a call.

Anyway, when we all jump onto the train speaking english, it makes it feel that much weirder since we are the only ones talking...

Got to uni a little bit late - but still got there in time for our 'revision test' (which i bothered to study for this time). Speaking of tests, i got my last one back, and i failed in the essay bit haha. I got 12/25 for that section because i had so many mistakes with my particles... Although they do seem to take off a lot of marks for one mistake... Overall i guess my mark wasn't so bad, because getting full marks in the dictation/kanji section is pretty easy. But still, i think a bit more effort is required :)

For lunch, i had a quick one at the shokudou. There are two cafeterias at the Mita campus (well i think maybe 3 - but one of them nobody goes to). One is called "The Cafeteria" and is all new and nice inside. They have nice katsu kare (curry pork cutlet on rice) and chikinnanbandon (sort of sweet fried chicken on rice) there. The serves are big, and the prices are from about 450 yen per dish. Normally lunch there will consist of just one dish + a drink (maybe). Although what's nice, is they provide chilled water/hot tea for free.

The other place has some other name, but i just call it 'shokudou' (which kinda translates as eating place). It's a bit older, but there seems to be a larger variety of dishes (although you can't actually get the same ones that are served at the cafeteria). The serves are smaller, prices a bit lower, and generally people will get a main dish; a salad; some miso soup; and maybe some rice. Again you can have tea/water if you don't want to buy a beverage (or even if you do buy one). Overall i think the shokudou is slightly cheaper (if you buy a roughly equivalent amount of food). The other reason why the shokudou is good, is it's a bit closer to the buildings where i have class. That matters on days like today, when i had class in period 3 - which only leaves me 45 minutes to get lunch and eat.

I think i had some weird japanese style hamburger (japanese hamburgers are just the meat patty; you eat them with rice), and some tofu/salad thing... It wasn't bad, but i was still hungry after and ended up getting some sweet bread thing too.

After that i had one class, which ended about 40 minutes early which is always nice. I went with Fabian to Tokyo station afterwards to pickup the textbook i need for my english economics subject. On the way there, i renewed my train pass - and changed it to a 'suica card' (it's like a smart proximity card instead of a ticket - so you just need to put your wallet near the sensor at the station. And yeah it's just like an octopus card if you've been to hong kong). That set me back by 15600 yen (3 month ticket) which works out to about 170 yen a day. Not tooo bad, but then not toooo good either - because a lot of the time i still have to pay normal fare since i travel outside my designated stations to go out/eat etc.

Arriving at Tokyo station, we got some directions to the bookstore from the information desk - and almost ended up going home because we thought the place was shut. The sign had opening hours written as weekdays and sunday only - so we assumed that saturday it was closed. Having a huge gate shut right next to the sign didn't help out much either. It turned out that we were looking at the wrong entrance, and after a bit more fumbling around in japanese (next time, remind me to check the title and author of a book before i turn up to buy it) we found the right place and picked up our textbooks.

On the way home i picked up some stuff from the various supermarkets at Shinagawa station, and then also at the one that's on the walk home. I'm realising as i look around, that each place sells some things cheap, some things really expensive. I haven't found anywhere that's noticeably cheaper across the board. At least it makes shopping a bit more interesting i suppose.

By the time i finished doing that and actually got home, it was already 5.30~! After some homework; cooking; and sitting and staring at my ridiculously bad essay about bionic ears (in japanese); i'm now writing this instead. Seeing as i just got up to there, i think it's time to go :)

Miss you all!~

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Ez said...

The prices for food there seem even cheaper than the price for food here! I think that kebab place at uni is trying to jib me off.

Wow.. bionic ear... how do you even say that in Japanese? bioniku iiru? Good luck with the essay.