Monday, October 04, 2004

School, Shinjuku and Dinner

Well today's title pretty much sums up my whole day. I got up (on time for once), got ready for uni and went downstairs to wait for Ben. At about 8:10 when he still hadn't shown up, i went and knocked on his door. Which was rather fortunate as he was sleeping until then. I headed off to the station with Rim (Lin? i have no idea how to spell it), got squished in the train, and somehow ended up in class just on time.

We had a kanji test today. But it was a bit of a joke - most people finished within 60 seconds. Which was a bad thing for Ben - because it meant he completely missed the test by being 10 minutes late. Apparently you automatically lose 20% if you don't sit it when everyone else does. Tight huh.

I was getting a little bored in class today. Since i was sitting right at the back, i managed to take my camera out and take a photo of my funny drink without the teacher seeing...

Ever wonder why sites like exist? This sort of english is fairly standard on most of the things that come out of the vending machines.

Class after that went as normal, and after having a quick bento-box for lunch, i went to my first class of "Research and Presentation" in period 3. The name of the subject is rather misleading - as it is actually a speaking/conversation class and seems (so far) to be quite fun.

There's a guy called Julius in the class, and he speaks Japanese with a really funny accent - but he's got extremely good colloquial japanese. His self introduction revolved largely around his reason for becoming interested in japan: namely, japanese girls. The teacher is really cool, and we spent most of the class laughing about similar topics.

When class was all done, i went off to Shinjuku with Ben because i wanted to get a Japanese grammar book (it's called "A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar" by Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui if anybody was wondering). Shinjuku is really pretty - there are lights and those big tv screens everywhere. We found this bookstore that was 8 levels high - and it had exactly the book i was looking for which was nice. Didn't do much after that - just dawdled home; i stopped off at the supermarket again and bought some more stuff that i can hopefully turn into a meal one of these days.

For dinner i was feeling lazy so i bought another bento-box on the way home (which taste a lot better i must say if you eat them while they're still hot... the last few times i've just sort of left it on the table and it doesn't so good then). Sorry for the boring post - but i'm sure some of you will read this anyway :)

Now it's time to get some homework done...


hwangus said...

hahah cute!

hwangus said...

What's with the super tight classes? Lose 20% for not attending a test? Are you sure they're not just bullshitting to scare you guys and then at the end of the semester they turn around and go 'surprise you all get 30 bonus marks for absolutely no reason whatsoever!!'