Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A short post

Hey everyone, just wanted to chuck up something quickly before i go out.

Training last nite was fun, i'm getting lots of japanese practice - and i'm actually able to sort of keep up with them for most of the stuff now. They're all really friendly - even if they're very serious about their training.

After i came back, i had an interesting time trying to cook an egg. I was trying to get my washing started at the same time, and sort of left the hotplate to heat up for a little bit. 30 seconds later, my frying pan (with nothing but oil in it) was on fire. That gave me a bit of a shock :P Nothing got ruined though luckily... Anyway, i gotta eat quickly then run off to the station~ Laters all.

1 comment:

nanshii said...

great to hear that you're getting your jap practice... i expect to hear you pera pera when u come bak!!

also, ki wo tsukete with the cooking!!