Saturday, October 30, 2004

Soukeisen Day 1

I just woke up. For the second time today. If you ever take naps you'll know there's this sort of nap length where you wake up feeling more tired than you were before you went to sleep. Once i wake up properly it's all good though - it's just those first 10 minutes or so when you really have to force yourself not to go back to bed.

Uni today went only for one period. I normally have three, but these crazy Japanese ppl decided that despite the rain they would play the first game of the Soukeisen. Actually, when they decided to go ahead, it wasn't quite raining yet, but by looking at the sky there was about a 99% chance of rain within the next 3 minutes. That and the fact that the forecast said that it was going to rain definitely this afternoon, if not this morning too.

What i'm hoping, (and i have a feeling it's not really so far fetched either), is that the game today got cancelled/interrupted - meaning play will have to resume tomorrow. Seeing as it's a best of 3 series, Monday classes will be cancelled because they'll at least need to play game 2 then. If we're really lucky it will be 1 game a piece then and they'll have to play Tuesday too :) To make things even better Wednesday is a public holiday here.

After uni when we were all sort of hanging around wondering exactly what to do with ourselves at 10:30am on a Saturday morning (it's a little too early for lunch you see) - Asho and this other dude came by. Wearing their halloween costumes. I thought he was joking when he said that he was going to get a pikachu costume, but i was wrong. Man i wish i brought my camera. It was like a full yellow jumpsuit kind of thing. He attracted quite a lot of open stares amongst the Japanese students too hehe.

Tonight i'm going out to dinner in Shibuya. I ran into Gou-san (one of the Japanese ppl i met through friends of friends of acquaintances or something)... But anyway he wasn't doing anything tonight and seemed happy enough to come along. We're going to have tempura (i realised the other day that i hadn't had it in Japan before so i actually decided to do something about it)! A lot of the exchangees tonight are going clubbing in Shibuya later tonight for Halloween - but i can't because i need to get up tomorrow to go support the badminton pplz when we get trounced by Waseda Uni hehe.

I will try to get some photos to post up for tomorrow.

Comment Corner:
Food at Mos burger comes nicely presented yeah - just like in the photo a few posts back... I'd definitely try to find one of them over a McDonalds anyday if i'm in need of fast food.

If you ever come look at my site and there's a post with only some photos there, chances are it means i'm still writing the rest of the post. Check back in 15 minutes :)

As for hentai at Akihabara, i'll get some for souvenirs next time i go lol. I think i might get a cd-drive/dvd-drive first though seeing as that will mean i can actually buy some music here... Oh this is a bit off topic, but i can actually buy music online through the web here - but it's a bit crap because 1) it uses some sort of WMA format which means u have to use microsoft media player; 2) you can only upload it to a portable music player 3 times and 3) ipods don't support microsoft formats ... I think CDs are better anyway since they sound clearer and they give you something to hold on to :P

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