Saturday, October 02, 2004

TGIF (or not)

Today is friday, and for most students around the world it's a day to sit back and relax after class. For most. I, along with most of the other exchangees here doing the japanese programme at Keio, actually have class tomorrow (saturday) at 9am! :(

I only had one class to attend today which was called "An economic survey of contemporary Japan" - and i must say it actually sounds like it's going to be quite interesting, even if it's a little bit difficult. It's the only subject i will be taking in english; the professor (despite being japanese) speaks slowly but very clearly and succinctly, and is actually from Sophia university (another top private university in Japan). He sounds like a very educated person though - he's been a visiting professor at Oxford (or was it Cainbridge); worked as a Japanese diplomat and was highly involved in trade negotiations with the US; seems to be able to speak dutch too; and generally seems to have answers for almost every question that got thrown at him. Hopefully he doesn't throw too many back at us :) Most of the students in the class are graduates, and a couple have completed MBAs or are currently undertaking them. I'm going to be the baby of the class.

Anyway on to the interesting stuff. After class i went to Shibuya for a little bit because my friend Jakob needed to get an SD card for his new PDA. We met up wif Simone at Shibuya station, got the SD card and decided to have a coffee at the starbucks which overlooks the train station. It was packed. You seriously had to line up to get a seat. For some reason though, taking photos in there was prohibited so i don't have much to show of the Shibuya train station crossing. The view of it is pretty cool because you are up above it all so you can really see how busy the place is! There's people EVERYwhere when the green pedestrian lights go on. I did manage to get a shot of the drink i had though - which i fully recommend to anybody who likes green tea ice cream:

My Maccha (Green tea) Cream Frappuccino (does anybody really know how to spell frappucino?)

After that, we headed back to uni for the KOSMIC (some funny acronym the ppl here at Keio made up - i can't remember what it stands for) welcome party. KOSMIC is a group that sort of helps orgainse social gatherings and generally helps out the international/exchange students attending Keio. We were meant to mingle with the locals - but not that many locals turned up to be honest - it was a free party for us, but the local students had to pay like 1000 yen entrance. The 'party' was only for an hour and fifteen minutes - so it's not exactly the best deal in the world for them. I did meet a girl called Yuki though - who's planning on going on exchange to Australia next year for two semesters! She's planning to go to UNSW though - so i'll have to try to convince her that Melbourne Uni is actually better hehehe.

Since the party itself was so short, everybody (well most people) wanted to go out afterwards drinking - but somehow i managed to be a good boy and come home instead. It's kind of late now so i think it's time for me to go. Mata ne.


hwangus said...

How did you take the photo of your drink when photography was prohibited? You naughty boy

Ez said...

Mm... you know, I've never trusted green coffee before. It just doesn't work together.

mELLy said...

Omg Age, u nong! Howcome u don't know how to spell CAMBRIDGE! Lol, dad would've been so disappointed....=p Btw is Starbucks run exactly the same way as it is over here? Like they write ur name and order on the cups? Prolly yea? o well, just wondering =)

nanshii said...

ehehe u noe that green tea fruppacino isnt just
available in japan yeh?? i first tried it in early
2003 in taiwan... then i came bak to oz and
was delighted to see that they sell it here too!!

muahahaha i lurve the stuff.... :)

p.s try it wif a shot of expresso. tell me what u think.

ibz3010 said...

I have only one question for you age, Who Is Simone huh?