Wednesday, October 27, 2004


It's 12:13 am right now as i write this here; and i'm still trying to work out what i did exactly with the 12 hours since i finished class... In any case, this is going to be a really short one since i want to get some rest.

Went to badminton training this evening. Managed to sort of explain the way i think when i play singles to Yoshinaga-kun - after about 20 minutes of fumbling around pointing and making up expressions. It's still weird for me because i really don't know how i fit into their whole hierarchy system ... Being a 3rd year student i'm "higher" than most of them, but quite a few of them are actually older than me (despite being in 2nd/1st year).

Oh at uni today, i met up with Min-Kyung and her Japanese friend, Mariko, for lunch. Mariko brought two of her friends, and a couple of exchange students later we had about 8 of us there. In the end that turned out to be sort of bad since we didn't talk very much... Still, i got to meet a couple of new people today which is always good. On the way out of the seikyoshokudou (cafeteria) i ran into Ben and Matthias who were sitting with the guys we went out with a few weeks back (the dude who had a concert last night that we ended up not going to) ... Him and all his friends seem to speak perfect english which is pretty cool (i think a lot of them lived in the states for quite a long time).

My cooking usually involves eggs because 1) they're easy to cook; 2) they're filling; and 3) i'm trying to use up everything in my fridge so i can defrost it~

The other day i bought some spring onions so that's what i've been putting into my omelettes :) It tastes pretty weird but at least it makes it look some other colour than plain yellow ~

I will try my best to keep people up to date regarding my general state of health when the next earthquake/typhoon/natural disaster happens :) If i don't, hopefully it's just because i forgot, and not because there is no longer electricity in Tokyo. Seriously though, because i don't have a TV in my room, the amount of news i hear is quite minimal unless i'm hanging out in the lounge downstairs.

Um, as for photos of uni, i'll try to remember to take some; i don't have time in the mornings usually and by the time class finishes i've forgotten :)

Anyway, time to go~! Thanks for the comments everyone.

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