Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Typhoon again...

Well in the end we decided to call tonight's dinner off thanks to typhoon no. 23. As i write this, i'm glad that we did. The wind is really howling, and the rain is splatting quite hard on my verandah door/window. It'd be extremely crap trying to walk home from the station through this sort of weather.

I tried to go and take some photos of just how heavy the rain is in a typhoon, but i guess having no light makes it a bit hard to take photos :P

Instead you'll have to settle for some shots of my dorm/housing place. Actually speaking of dorms, i've been calling my place a 'ryo' (dorm) in japanese all this time, but yesterday after talking to Kogai-kun for a bit after training, i don't think where i'm living is really a 'ryo' (a ryo usually implies that there's a curfew). I guess even in english you wouldn't quite call it a dorm either - since we all have our own rooms, and have a key to open the place to get in and out at any time we like. In any case, on to the pictures.

This is where the mail comes. My letter-box is the most top-right one (i'm room 306).

The letter box area is actually right at the entrance when you walk in (or walk out) - which theoretically makes it very convenient to check if you have any mail. However I think i've opened the thing about two times ever, because i can never be bothered to get my key out of my bag. The last couple of times, if i've noticed something sticking out, i've been able to get it without having to open the letter-box door.

If you turn around 180 degrees from there, and walk through just around the elevator you'll come to the lounge. This is where people tend to hang whenever they get bored. It's nice and spacious and usually you'll find at least one or two people in there to have a talk to. Tonight when i popped in there though, it was empty.

This is the view when you look into the lounge from the left door

For some reason (i guess since it's quite big), there are actually two doors into the lounge, so below is a shot of the view from the other door.

Inside the lounge, not only do you have those nice couch thingies, but there's also a table where it's possible to do homework, use your laptop ... or just read the paper... The other handy thing is, if you're feeling extremely lazy, you can reach the vending machine to get a drink without getting out of your chair :P

And that's the tour for today :)

Uni today was fairly standard - we had our usual 3 hours of compulsory language class; after which i grabbed a quick bento for lunch before heading to my one elective for the day - intermediate japanese grammar... I actually made myself go pretty much straight home after that; but i of course dawdled a little bit and stopped by at the supermarket where i got a few groceries which are meant to feed me for the next couple of days.

On days like tomorrow (thursday) when i don't have uni, i actually prefer to eat in because it means i don't have to walk anywhere to get the food :P Of course when i have uni, since i'm already out and about where all the eating places are, eating out is preferable ~ Tonight i don't know what i was thinking exactly, but i put so much chilli and chilli powder into my chicken that it ended up quite hot. Actually it was hot to the point of being unable to taste the chicken. Seeing as i didn't really feel like cooking for another 20 minutes, i ate it anyway :) At least i suppose i got a good dose of vitamin c.

I shall try not to do that tomorrow.


quebeck said...

lol you know it sounds like you go shopping like every two days or something. don't you get sick of having to buy food all the time? you've got a fridge yeah? how come you dont buy more stuff at once?

nanshii said...

u seem to b having bento quite often hehe! how good is it tho, if only we had decent ones to take-away here :(