Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wednesday is the start of my weekend...

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I actually went to training and only got back about 10 pm – at which point I had decided that dinner was more important than the blog. I don’t really remember anything worthwhile posting about from yesterday so I’ll just jump straight to today.

We had another ‘revision’ test today – which would have been extremely easy if I’d bothered to study for it. IF. Anyhow it wasn’t too bad I think, but I know I made a fair few mistakes. The bad thing about making mistakes in these tests is (as I found out today) we have to rewrite and resubmit anything we didn’t do so well on later. When we get our papers back they make us rewrite the stuff we screwed up and hand it in again for correction! Hmmm maybe I should study and save myself some time and effort.

Had grammar class (one of the Japanese electives) after that and learned a thing or two which was nice. It’s going to be one of the harder subjects I take this semester I think. Today is sort of like my weekend because I don’t have any classes at all on Thursday, and then my class on Friday only starts at 2:45 so I can sleep in then too. After class today I was originally intending to head straight home and get stuck into some revision/homework – as I haven’t really been doing much of that lately. But (rather unsurprisingly) I found a few people sitting around and ended up talking for an hour or two, before going to Excelsior (a café chain that looks a lot like Starbucks) with Ji-Hee for a drink and more bumming. I’m apparently going to be her English teacher, and she’s teaching me Korean ahha. I learnt how to read a bit of Hangeul again – and I’ve already forgotten how to say my name is Adrian. Maybe I should just stick to Japanese.

Dinner tonight was in Shinjuku (we decided to have a bit of a change from Shibuya which we’ve been going to a bit too regularly). We didn’t have any clue what we wanted to eat though so we randomly picked some little place that served various rice dishes. Food was okay, but not terribly exciting.

This is us, minus Simone and Sung, at the eating place in Shinjuku

After dinner we went to have desert at this cake place which was really cute. It’s at the top of this clothing store and is a really nice place to sit and chill. It’s not the cheapest place around though – each slice of cake weighs in at about 630-800 yen (AUD$10 roughly?). But I must say everything we ordered was delicious. There was some drinking thing happening in Ginza after that with some of the other exchange guys but I decided that I’d try to do something productive with myself tonight and headed back home (to write my blog for example!). Apparently we’re having a group study session in some café in Shibuya tomorrow – but I have a feeling that I’ll probably get about 10 times more work done by staying home. Ah the joys of being an exchange student. Until next time~

This is the cake menu ... the stuff comes out (as usual) looking identical to the pictures. The blueberry thing on the top left is the one i ordered.


quebeck said...

Wow if they come out exactly like it shows on those pictures (so like miniture cakes and not a slice of it), I can see why it would cost so much, the preperation time of each would be much higher than just making a big cake and slicing it. So it's not that expensive afterall :)

Adrian said...

Haha okay maybe i didn't explain myself so well. The actual cakes look exactly like the pictures. We had SLICES of cakes though which look exactly like the picture, but cut into slices :)

But yeah the attention to detail here is still quite amazing.