Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Weekend

Seeing as I’m kind of sitting around here trying to put off doing my homework, I thought maybe I’d post something up here.

Had three periods of classes – the newspaper class is turning out to be quite boring… The majority of the class does not seem to like talking much, and the teacher is very soft and has some sort of “if you don’t want to talk, I’m not going to make you” policy happening. That’s a good thing if you haven’t done any homework, but it makes the period go very slowly. The kanji practice from reading normal newspaper articles is really good though. Now, if I can just find the motivation to learn all of it.

I went off to Shibuya after class to meet up with Wei to check out the badminton club he’s been going to. The place was pretty small – only two courts. Right next to it there are table tennis tables. It’s sort of a little sports complex – I didn’t really have a look at what was on the other levels though. The level of the players (badminton) is pretty high – although they only seem to play doubles. I guess when you don’t have much space, playing singles is a bit of a waste of courts. I don’t know if my badminton experience here is a bit limited, but the level of badminton amongst the girls is definitely a lot higher here in Japan. The few who were there at Shibuya were all really strong – they’d easily be playing in open level back in Australia. (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned, but the girls in the team at Keio are really good too. Well at least one of them is; I think she used to represent the prefecture when she was a junior in school)

All in all, I think I’ll probably just stick with the Keio team training I’ve been going to. The people there are more my age; we have enough courts to do some proper singles practice; and plus it’s within walking distance from Plume IS. I think I go to Shibuya often enough as it is.

Today (Sunday):
I set my alarm for 9:30 but of course only got up at 11:30 as usual. Spent most of the day so far tidying up and doing the washing. There’s one more load of stuff I still need to hang out after this.

Reading that “Postwar Japanese Economy” book is slowly getting more interesting. It’s really making me see the usefulness of understanding some econometrics too. So much of the analysis in there is based on reasonably simple econometric forecasting – but I need to go over my notes to work out a lot of it still. If anybody knows anything about UFJ please feel free to post it in the comments btw; I’ve got to write something on it by this Friday for class, and so far I have no idea hehe.

Been pretty uninteresting today so I’ll save my blogging enthusiasm for a day when there’s more to write about ~

Just for all you people who need to have something to look at here are some random photos of ads at the train stations lol.

Random Ads... (in Akihabara station)

Another random ad at the train station... (this is at Tamachi station i think)

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