Monday, November 01, 2004

Another half day off~!

Wow it’s already November. Only a couple more months and I’ll be on my way home already…

We only had one period of class again today. Yep, thanks to the rain on Saturday, only one game of the best-of-three baseball series was played over the weekend. The second match was today (is today, it started at 1pm and is still going unless there is a really isolated shower over that part of Tokyo, because I can see blue sky from here). I spoke to Matthias last night who actually went to the game on Sunday, and he said it was really fun. I sort of wish I went, but I think the badminton I saw yesterday was probably more enjoyable for me. I just found out about half an hour ago that Kelly is there at the game today. Apparently I was meant to be going with her but I somehow don’t remember deciding to do that. Haha so yeah here I am at home instead.

After class today I went with Simone and Tony to the Isetan (that’s a Japanese department store chain) in Shinagawa to get some bento and bread and other miscellaneous things to eat. Well, Simone went to get food, I decided to get some stuff to cook for dinner tonight from the place I normally go, which is called the Wing Takanawa Food Market. That’s also a department store supermarket thingo – and is sort of just on the other side of the station so it wasn’t far away.

When I got home, I finally had the motivation to defrost my fridge! So here for your enjoyment here’s what I did ~

My kettle is one of those ones that you put on to the stove – so it gets really hot when the water is boiled… I have a chopping board which I’ve turned into a full time coaster (after buying this other PVC cutting board that is bigger but thinner – so its easier to wash/store) – which I thought would probably be a good idea to stop the kettle melting the plastic inside the fridge.

Here you can see why I finally decided to defrost my fridge. I could hardly fit anything into the freezer compartment because there was so much ice.

After leaving the kettle in there for about 15 minutes, I took it out and boiled the water again to reheat it. After the second reheat, the ice was melting pretty quickly, and I soon had a bit of a problem with water going all over the floor and under the fridge. I didn’t take a photo of that because I was afraid I might wreck my camera… Nevertheless about half a roll of toilet paper later (yeah I don’t have any kitchen paper towels hehe) I had it reasonably cleaned up.

The ice was dripping like crazy, but I managed to put the kettle underneath so that the water would drip into the kettle and not onto the bottom of the fridge. I needed to pour a bit of hot water into the freezer compartment to encourage all the ice in there to melt – and with the help of my trusty spoon I was soon pulling chunks of ice out.
Here is what my sink looked like – that’s quite a lot of ice huh.

Anyway I had to do a lot more wiping up after all that because, as I rather unfortunately found out, ice melts really quickly once it’s on the floor… In the end though, my fridge definitely looks a lot bigger ^_^

I just put all my groceries in there and I can actually fit four packs of meat into the freezer compartment now! Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t freeze up over the meat so that I can’t get it out.


Garry said... kettle Vs the cold fridge....that's a nice way to defrost ya fridge...hehe....

mELLy said...

lol, well done age- u've succesfully defrosted a fridge! Seeing the amount of ice that came out, i think if u hadn't taken mum's advice, prettty soon u wouldn't have been able to use the fridge at all! =)

Dad said...

Mel, now that you have seen how it is done, you have a post exam assignment, actually two, to get the fridges in the shops looking like Age's. Dad