Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Autumn in Japan

I didn't get enough sleep last night again (sorry for not posting too!) and i have to get up extremely early tomorrow so this post is going to just be full of pictures.

To cut a long story short: today I went with some people from my class to a mountain to the south-west of Tokyo (i think it's south-west) called Takao-san. It was about an hour from Shinjuku station so it's not really that far away. We walked up and back down the mountain, and took lots of photos on the way ~ The weather was perfect and the autumn leaves (紅葉) were extremely pretty. Anyway i'll update properly tomorrow. Good luck to everybody who's still studying for exams~!

The last stop on the line - and our destination: Takaosan guchieki

One of the many photos i took of the beautiful autumn leaves up there

There were lots of little shrines too

This was a shot of the sky from near the peak

Us on the way down (from top left: Ben, Yuki, Hyun-Jung; Me; and Rim in the front)


Ez said...

I think the shrine picture is really pretty :)

kAgE said...

yerrrr looks noice