Friday, November 26, 2004

Back to school

Mita-sai officially ended for me today with my economics class this afternoon. I can't really complain though since most people actually had to start yesterday (but since i have a day off on Thursdays normally, i had an extra day holiday).

Looks like the workload is going to start picking up as we come towards the end of the semester here. I need to start thinking about choosing a topic for my term paper... Before i know it January will be here and all the final assessments will be going on at once.

After class today i had an interesting talk with Jakob about language - his major is some sort of linguistics field so it was quite interesting. Have you ever thought why in English we say "I go" and "you go" but "(s)he goes"? Apparently it's because of English was originally a Germanic language - where morphology (changing the stem/base of a word) gives the majority of meaning. Modern English however takes most of its meaning from syntax (to the average English speaker saying "(s)he go to school at 9 o clock" makes perfect sense; it just sounds funny). The poor people trying to learn English as a second/third language must think it's really weird. I guess i shouldn't complain about having a hard time with Japanese hehe.

Anyway speaking of learning, i have two kanji tests tomorrow which i need to study for... And since i don't have much else to say i'll leave it there~

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