Friday, November 12, 2004

An Eventful Thursday

Today I slept in till about 1.30 in the afternoon. I think that’s the longest sleep I’ve had in about two months. Anyway it was nice to wake up because I actually didn’t feel like sleeping anymore and not because I had to go to uni. I finally decided to take a trip to the hairdresser too… I went to some place that I pass everyday on my way to the station. It’s just a small men’s barber shop run by a husband and wife. Afterwards because there was nobody else there, I stayed around for a bit of a chat which was fun. As usual they first thought I was Japanese until I said that I was an exchange student. Then of course they thought I was a Chinese exchange student until I explained that I’m actually from Australia hehe.

On the way back, I stopped off at the convenience store to get something to eat seeing as I hadn’t had a bite since I got up (which wasn’t all that long ago I guess). Also since winter is just around the corner, the new winter season foods have all come out. In Japan it’s not only the fruits and veggies that change with the season. Things like special seasonal drinks/chips/chocolates also come out. I picked up a box of ‘Meltykiss’ chocolates (and as for the flavour, yep you guessed it, green tea flavour again) there which are really nice. They ‘melt in your mouth like a snowflake’ – at least according to the box…

I spent the next hour or so doing some reading for my economics class tomorrow – and I even managed to write a short summary/commentary on an article. Tonight there was our 2F-class dinner thing happening too – which started at 6.45 in Shibuya (sniff no badminton training for me…). The reason? A few of us have been sort of feeling that our class has been a bit divided between the English-speaking people and the non-English speaking (mainly Chinese-speaking) people. So big thanks go to Fabien (for realizing and deciding to do something about it) and Simone (for actually organizing the whole thing).

We went to a 食べ放題・飲み放題 (all you can eat/drink) Shabu-shabu/Sukiyaki place. The atmosphere was quite nice there and after a bit of confusion over where everyone was meant to sit. Ben is vegetarian which meant that people sharing the hot pot with him wouldn’t be able to cook meat in it. Problem was solved when we realized that Sandy was also vegetarian – and there happened to be one hot pot at the end of the table for just two people! I think everyone had a pretty good time generally – and it was good to finally sort of get to know some of the other people from class who I see in class everyday. It was funny trying to speak to everybody because for a change, we all had to pretty much solely use Japanese…

Sukiyaki here we go...

Yuki and Ben

Sandy and Me

Gray Simone and Yuki

Me, Hyun-Jung, Aya and Simone (plus lots of smoke)

There was a cute waiter working at the place too, who kindly let the girls take about twenty photos with him. He could say a few words in English and his pronunciation was so good we actually all thought at first that he could speak fluently… Anyway he was a good sport but I’m sure must have been thinking that we were all quite weird by the end of the night.

The girls and the waiter

Afterwards, karaoke was the planned destination – but we didn’t exactly hurry getting there which meant we ended up not having as much time there as we might have liked. Not everybody came to karaoke either – as it was a little on the late side and I suppose not everybody in the class fancied taking their chances catching the last train home. Everyone who came definitely had fun though – even if it was a bit hard to find songs that everybody knew.

Another thing I found out tonight was that from Shibuya, I can come home late on weekdays by the Tokyuu Touyoko Sen because the last train running home is at 12:17 or something (and it goes all the way to Hiyoshi meaning no line change which I normally need to do if I take my normal line home)~! Also, I can go OUT to Shibuya late – the last train departs from Hiyoshi to Shibuya at something like 12.30am… Will have to find an excuse to try that sometime I think. And that’s all from me for now. Till next time.


nanshii said...

omg i miss those meltykisses... so envious u get to eat em

hwangus said...

Err yeah I was about to say, the waitors are rather good looking in that place. The chick's kinda cute too

kAgE said...

sam's checking out guys now........ uh oh =p

kAgE said...

oh can u put up some prices and stuff
go in to a grocery and start takin photos ahhah =p
how much were those choccies
how baout the all u can eat shabu shabu?