Saturday, November 06, 2004

Friday Night Live

Sorry about not posting yesterday – got home late and spend the rest of the night studying… Which turned out to be a bit of a waste of time seeing as one of the tests we were meant to have was ‘cancelled’. Or rather, the teacher just forgot about it, so she gave it to us as homework hehe.

Yesterday after school I went to a live (concert) – Mas’s group (Rasputin) and about 4 other punk-rock bands were performing at this place called Tau Kitchen in Shibuya. I missed his last live because I didn’t realize it was on until the day – and then I had all this homework to catch up on. Yesterday though the turn out was quite good. In all, there was about six of us Keio exchange students who went. I think there was also three other exchange students there from other universities, but I didn’t get to meet them. What was a bit funny was we made up about half the crowd. There wasn’t really that many people apart from ourselves and the members of the other bands who weren’t performing. The place was nice and cosy though, so it didn’t feel like it was empty or anything though.

Entry cost 2,100 yen, which is not toooo bad considering it does include one free drink. The first thing I noticed when we went in, was how loud they were playing. The actual place was two levels – the entrance (ground level) was where the bar and some seats/couches are. Downstairs in the basement was the performance area. When the door opened to the basement, it was LOUD standing upstairs. When we went down, I could feel the air blowing out of the speakers – like it was loud to the point of the sound distorting. But I think it was my eardrums that couldn’t keep up with the volume as opposed to the speakers. In any case I don’t think going to these sorts of concerts is terribly good for your ears.

The music was all pretty heavy, but I liked Mas’s group the best. The rest of the exchangees seemed to prefer the first group that performed. Maybe I’m just biased. Mas's group, Rasputin, sang about 50% in english. Both Mas and his other vocalist are very fluent in english (they both went to one of Keio's campuses in the US) so it was pretty cool. I took quite a few videos on my digi-cam which are too big to post up here. But they show the atmosphere a lot better than the photos. I’ll pop a couple of pics up here anyway though:

This is one of the earlier groups who performed

This is Rasputin, there's two vocalists/guitarists and one drummer (who you can't see in any of the pictures because of the place i was standing hehe)

This is Mas

This is the co-vocalist/guitarist. I don't know his name~

After getting home and studying all my kanji for a couple of hours, I managed to only get about 4 hours sleep so I was quite tired at school today. Having the kanji test cancelled didn't make me feel terribly great either lol. I came straight home, despite there being free entrance for students to this near art museum in Ueno. Ben (who had the same newspaper reading class as me this afternoon) went along afterwards, but only got there at 4:30 which was thirty minutes before they closed. I on the other hand, took a nap for a couple of hours. I somehow managed to do the washing in between getting home and waking up from my nap though. Thank goodness for washing machines.

I made chicken curry for dinner tonight! Turned out quite okay, but I think I should only have used about half the curry ‘block’ that I did (the curry just comes in these blocks instead of powder for some reason). I now have enough left over for lunch and probably afternoon tea tomorrow~ At least I suppose it will save me some effort cooking.

Anyway that’s all from me for now!


nanshii said...

i like the way japanese curry is produced! reminds me of chocolate... mmm :)

mELLy said...

so was the music of like a recording standard? would they b equivalent to some of the artists u already listen to? or r they all just ameteurs? Lol, did their english in the songs make much sense? =p

btw, i like ur new shoes! =)