Monday, November 29, 2004

I think it was something i ate

When i got home from uni today at about 6, i was feeling extremely tired and lethargic. To the point of me lying on my bed for the next 3 and half hours, and not being bothered to even wash the dishes after i ate dinner. The day wasn't any longer than normal either - had class in the morning, one afternoon class and then the usual conversation partner meeting. Which is why I have come to the conclusion that it must have been something i ate (yep super detective skills there)...

Breakfast was instant noodles - which is a bit out of the ordinary - because i forgot to buy bread (dammit i just realised i forgot to buy bread today too lol). But i think the culprit is the katsu-kare (pork cutlet curry rice) i had for lunch today. Now that i think about it, I sort of do feel quite tired in the afternoons after eating that. Although previously i've been putting it down more to lack of sleep and just taking naps... Anyway, i am going to try not eating it for a while to see if it makes a difference lol.

And that concludes my most useless post to date. Stay tuned :)

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