Friday, November 05, 2004

One day rest

Today i spent the day at home. Which was good because i actually got some homework done. I still have a fair bit that needs doing though - so hopefully tomorrow morning i won't wake up too late.

Don't have much to write, so i'll just post up some pictures of the shoes i got yesterday.

I went to badminton training today (for the first time in a week, since training was off on Tuesday). We haven't trained that hard for quite a while. But it definitely makes it feel good now when i can just stretch my legs out and relax. If I don't go out on Saturday, i think i might try to go to training again...

Tomorrow after class i'm going to see Mas (one of the guys i met in an Izakaya a few weeks back) perform with his band in Shibuya. Should be fun. But it means i'm going to be out most of the afternoon/night. Soooo, i really need to get off this and have a shower and get some homework done :)


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