Sunday, November 14, 2004

Oops i forgot to blog again

I've been sitting here for the past 30 minutes trying to work out what some japanese word means and i just realised that i haven't posted a blog for today (or yesterday come to think of it).

Not much interesting happened yesterday that i can remember. I think i just got up late and went to class. Oh yeah and i finally got my Keio computer account set up so that i can use the printing facilities and stuff at uni. The way it works here is that you just need a login so you can use the computers, and then to print you need to buy a 'print card'. After you click 'print', you pop over to the printer which has it's own little LCD touchscreen thing and type your username in, and insert your print card there... Quite interesting, but quite complicated when all the instructions are in japanese and you have no idea what you're doing :P

Class this morning. Man it's hard getting up at 7am on a Saturday. I'm still not quite used to it. My afternoon newspaper class got cancelled yet again, which means i think we've missed 3 (or maybe it's 4) lessons now - that's about half of them. Because of that, we had a bit more time for lunch so we decided to visit one of the eating places just outside the uni (instead of the school caf which is getting a little bit boring). It was called マグロ市場 (Maguro Ichiba - Tuna City i suppose in English), and they sell various kinds of seafood-don (rice) dishes. All of us had マグロ丼 (maguro-don) which is the middle/stomach area of the tuna (i think it's there... it's really dark red, soft meat) with rice. Oh the tuna is raw too. So it's kind of like having sushi, but with more rice :)

The food there is pretty average ... but it's really cheap - it only cost me 600 yen for my マグロ丼(大盛) (large serve maguro-don). Normally maguro is quite expensive. Also there's a Keio student discount there (i guess they must have a lot of Keio customers) - so we all got free miso soup hehe.

Afterwards i just came home, and had a chat with Hongo-san (the Plume IS housekeeper person...). For some reason i find his japanese really hard to understand :( I can still guess about 50% of what he means usually though hehe ~ When i finally got back to my room, i decided to read for a little while - which turned out to be a bad idea because as usual i fell asleep (and didn't set an alarm to wake myself up) .... Sooooo i think i will probably be up late tonight.

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hwangus said...

600 yen for a big dish? now that's money for value.