Sunday, November 28, 2004

Procrastination is bad

I've come to realise that the more time i spend in my room, the less i seem to get done. After doing kanji revision for about 5 hours last night, tonight i managed to do nothing but sit around and make myself dinner. I didn't even have a nap to waste time - i just sat around reading things on the net and listening to various music clips from the HMV japan site.

I was expecting the kanji tests today to be quite difficult (they were meant to be revision tests of everything from chapter 1-6) but somehow it turned out quite straight forward (i.e. it took under 10 minutes to finish). I was a bit peeved that i spent so much time learning everything last night... But i guess it does feels good to think i know a few more kanji after all that study. It's getting a bit frustrating being almost illiterate here since there are so many kanji characters i just don't know...

Since being at school means no fun pictures, i'll just show you all the stuff i bought at Akihabara the other day:

I still haven't tried connecting the dvd drive; but there isn't really much point at the moment as i don't have any dvds/cds to play hehe. The wireless router is nice though because it means i can really carry my computer all over the place and still have access to the internet - i can still connect to it (barely) from downstairs in the lounge... Considering i'm up on 3rd floor that's not too bad an effort.

Anyway i'm going to ATTEMPT to do something productive with what's left of my night~


Ez said...

Welcome to the world of wireless networking. As I've probably already said, minesweeper flags on the toilet is something to look forward to.

quebeck said...

With your wireless router, you might be able to get a stronger signal if you point the antenna horizontally. The waves come out of the antenna perpendicular to the actual mast thing itself, so to make the waves go downwards, you'll want your antenna to be parrallel with the floor. Just in case you didn't know.