Saturday, November 20, 2004

Sightseeing around Tokyo

Yep, i spent today actually going around Tokyo like a tourist today. I did spend about half an hour walking lost around Shinjuku trying to find Hanson's hotel this morning though. Luckily, after he called me for about the 5th time i actually realised my phone was ringing and got some help. In the end Hanson and his mother came and found me instead. Good tour guide I was turning out to be :)

We went to Ueno first to have a look at the big park there. Which, upon arriving, i realised i actually HAVE visited before. The weather was quite spotty today though so the umbrellas wer out in full force unfortunately. Not quite optimal weather for a stroll in the park, but it was nice none the less. Stopped by at Tokyo National Museum too (it's in Ueno park - or at least right next to it). There was a display called "Treasures of Ancient China" which we spent about an hour or two at. It's amazing what the Chinese had in the way of sculptures and tools back in 2000 B.C - they had cool looking axes and spoons and things (and wine warmers!~). The exhibition ranged from back then till i think about maybe 6th or 7th century A.D; so there was lots of buddhist artwork/sculptures to look at too.

By the time we came out of there we were feeling a little hungry so we hopped back on the train and continued on our way around the Yamanote line (that's like the city loop around Tokyo) till we got to Akihabara (Electric Town). We picked randomly picked some restaurant from it's sign outside to have lunch at, and then wandered around there for about 2 hours. Was tempted to get a DVD drive for my laptop, but i decided to hold off at least until the new model comes out.

Next stop was Ginza. Had a bit of trouble trying to get there since i couldn't remember how to get there (because there's no 'Ginza' station on the JR line hehe). After finally giving up and going to ask the grumpy looking station assistant, it actually turned out to be quite close by. In Ginza we had a drink and decided to pay the Sony display building a visit.

Blue lights in the Sony building

Aibo!~ this is the latest version, it's quite cool ... it can see colour and everything. And you can pet it! :)

Afterwards, we sort of aimlessly walked around amongst all the expensive designer label stuff until our feet got quite sore. We took a rest on some seats in some store nearby for about 30 minutes till we felt like walking a bit more. Had dinner in some random place nearby - was like an izakaya-ish sort of environment. BUT they had an english menu which was nice~ We got to try all sorts of assorted things ranging from tenpura to oyster-nabe (hot pot). As is the case with most places everything came in small serves meaning you can try a lot of different things. It was very reasonably priced (especially considering it's mainroad Ginza), coming to only a bit over 2000 yen a head.

Here's a nice shot of the lights that are up (i'm assuming for Christmas) around the place.

Ginza by night

We were actually planning to go have a look at Shibuya and Roppongi after dinner, but i decided that i should probably get some rest (i didn't sleep much last night), and also work out what to do with ourselves tomorrow. I'm thinking Tokyo tower, Odaiba and maybe a quick tour of my uni... But in any case we shall find out tomorrow i suppose~

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hwangus said...

One thing I notice from your pics is that the streets are soooo clean!